5 Reasons You Should Work With Copy House



Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.” 


We truly believe this at Copy House. We seek to break down boundaries and create a world of opportunities our employees can take pride in. Recently, we’ve taken some time to reflect. Why do our employees want to work with us? What makes us different? How can we be the top employer in the market?

As we strive to become better, whether, through our processes, expertise or ethics, our company culture drives every decision. Our values at Copy House focus on building a collaborative culture with our team, clients, partners, and shareholders at the centre.


The B-Corp Approach to Employee & Client Satisfaction 

Championing a great culture takes proactivity. This year we’ve decided to take the next step by registering Copy House as a B-Corp organisation. Our goal is to fully commit to the triple bottom line approach that prioritises people, planet and profit equally. 

Our people are at the heart of everything we do, and the planet is our global community. We believe it’s our responsibility to cultivate a company culture that protects both, as much as we watch out for our profits.

So, how does Copy House currently champion the B-Corp values? 

Here’s a list of 5 reasons showing we practice what we preach.

1. Driving Change by Working with Boundary-Pushing Clients like Klarna

As ‘positive disruptors’ who thrive on making the world a better place, we’re pros at bridging the gap between technical experts and consumers across the tech world. Our hyper-personalised approach to content marketing empowers tech brands to connect with their audiences while enhancing the value of their offering. 

Together, we hold discovery sessions with our clients to deeply understand their brand identity. We leave no stone unturned by exploring messaging, tone of voice, target audience and positioning against market competition. 

Our clients have full access to the content creation and calendar at all times, securing their confidence in us as they can provide two rounds of feedback. Our account manager and project manager consult with the clients regularly to bring company visions to life.

Our individualised approach has supported world-leading brands like the open banking FinTech giant, Klarna, and blue-chip companies like Travelex. Every step of the way, we focus on maintaining solid relationships with our clients, showcased in our positive feedback

2. Employee Mental Health Matters

As COVID-19 swept traditional work-life away, we understood our employees’ mental health needed to take priority. As offices shut, socialisation opportunities were limited, and some of our employees were stuck in other countries, it was vital for Copy House to take action. 

We didn’t want to contribute to the shocking statistic that 44% of employee absences are related to work-related stress, depression, or anxiety. 

Within our recently launched Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), all of our employees benefit from a confidential free monthly one-hour session with a wellbeing professional. Implemented into their working schedule, our team can use the sessions to chat about anything — from the weather, family, work, or issues they are currently facing. The EAP professional acts as a safety net as they explore their feelings and have an outlet. 

EAP first started as a pandemic response, but its success has made it an embedded feature in our culture. We want our employees to feel comfortable, secure and healthy — mentally and physically.

3. Talent and Work-Life Balance Over Location

What started as a hybrid approach to work is now a fully remote work culture at Copy House. We measure output rather than face time, which allows our employees to achieve an excellent work-life balance and have the space they need for their best work.

Our work from anywhere policy allows our employees to:

  • Visit loved ones abroad without using their holiday allowance. 
  • Fuel their creativity by working in any location.
  • Work when it best suits them as they aren’t restricted by standard working hours.

Copy House has roots worldwide. Our team comes from a wide range of backgrounds with connections in South Africa, the USA, Poland and more. 

We want to encourage employees to spend their time with people and in places they love. As an equal opportunity employer, we genuinely want to champion diversity. 

Our golden rule is: deliver quality work before the deadline, and the rest is up to you.

The cherry on top of our remote working policy is how it benefits the planet. Copy House is taking the necessary steps to save the Earth as we continue to decrease emissions by: 

  • The elimination of the everyday commute to the office.
  • By using paperless technology as we rely on cloud systems like Google.
  • By cutting down power consumption generated by office spaces.

4. The Power of Team and Support Networks

Our MD Kathryn’s mantra is “happy team, happy clients”. Despite our lack of face-to-face office interaction, we’re big believers in the power of collaboration. To boost our staff morale, we hold regular in-person and online team socials. Whether it’s to celebrate someone’s birthday, a new season, welcome new employees or have a fun day out, Copy House always finds an excuse to bring the team together.

The social events help the team connect personally by creating friendships in the workplace through shared experiences. Together with the Employee Assistance Programme, our socials ensure employees feel connected with others even when working remotely.

Regular check-in sessions with management and feedback surveys also ensure Copy House continues to drive the best culture it can. We’re currently extremely proud to hold a score of 8.5/10 on Office Vibe from our team.

5. Going Beyond in Holiday Allowance and Personal Development

Everyone needs time to recharge. We want our team to feel refreshed and turn up as their brilliant selves to work every day. We’ve decided to extend our holiday allowance from the typical 28 days to 36 days a year. This way, our team can explore the world, see their loved ones and do what matters to them most without the stress of work getting in the way!

At Copy House, we also believe in self-growth, and to encourage our employees to progress in their careers, we offer paid-for training opportunities. They just need to tell us what they need, and we’ll ensure to provide them with the proper training.

“I’ve never had a job so rich in learning opportunities. There’s real freedom to learn about what interests or excites you about copywriting, but there’s also a nice mix of guided and collaborative training to keep personal development relevant to the day job. It’s rewarding to see what I learn makes a noticeably positive impact in client projects.” 

— Stuart Cameron, Senior Technology Copywriter



Become Part of the Copy House Team

We’re an equal opportunities employer that genuinely believes in a triple bottom line approach, that profit is just as significant as our people and the planet. 

Our people make Copy House a go-to place for technology content marketing services. We champion a culture they can be proud of, represented best by our values and the results we achieve day-to-day.

Our hyper-personalised approach to working with clients, the benefits we offer to our employees, and our policies to minimise waste are some of the reasons that make Copy House a special place to work.

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