5 Tips for Creating a FinTech Content Marketing Strategy

Did you know that content marketing costs on average 62% less than traditional marketing, yet generates around 3 times as many leads?

That’s because great content makes people pay attention.


But the FinTech landscape has never been more competitive, meaning a robust content marketing strategy, that cuts through the noise of your competitors while engaging your customers, is essential. If you’re struggling to get started, we’ve compiled our list of top tips guaranteed to help you create an effective FinTech content strategy.

Conduct a Brand Audit

If creating a documented content strategy is a new process for you, the first step is to conduct an audit of your brand. It may sound simple (after all, who knows your brand better than you?) but conducting a brand audit allows you to properly flesh out your business goals, core values, brand personality and tone of voice before you craft your strategy.

A brand audit will also ensure you continue to create relevant, objective-orientated content weeks and months into the future. It can also help you determine your current position in the FinTech market, your strengths to capitalise on and weaknesses to correct.

Understand Your Audience

Who is the target market for your content? Knowing your audience, as well as the platforms they use, is a key component in ensuring your content marketing strategy is as effective as possible.

Building audience personas is a great way to understand a key segment of your target market and helps tailor your content to better appeal to your ideal customer. Through this exercise, you can establish the demographic details, characteristics, interests and even shopping habits of your audience – vital information that can help you focus your efforts on creating content that not only resonates with the right people but is seen by them, too.

Speak Their Language

The FinTech industry is at times complex, full of jargon that can alienate customers and disconnect a large segment of your target market. When creating your content marketing strategy for the FinTech space, it’s important to produce content that’s both accessible and mindful of your more knowledgeable customer base.

By following the audience persona exercise and identifying the different consumers likely to see your content, you can ensure your messages are comprehensible to everyone in your audience, whether they’re a financial novice or natural.

Know What Makes You Unique

No matter what your business is, you need to know your USP. Understanding what makes you different is vital if you don’t want to be left behind in the hyper-competitive FinTech landscape.

Do you know what problem your product solves? A robust content marketing strategy not only identifies a consumer problem but offers the solution, too. Your competitors likely have a similar service to offer the same audience so it’s essential to prove why it’s worth paying attention to you in the oversaturated market.

Determine Your Channels

The audience you want to reach likely includes more than one type of customer. When choosing your distribution channels, ensure they best reflect where your target market spends their time.

Using a variety of content formats and channels in your content marketing strategy gives your work the best chances of being seen by the people who matter to your business.

But remember, no matter which channels you decide to use, taking time to measure the results of your marketing efforts is essential in developing effective strategies in the future.

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Finding the right formula for your FinTech content strategy can take some time, but it’s a worthwhile investment in the success of your business. Need a hand? Get in touch today and discover a tailor-made strategy from us, the experts in content marketing.