5 Ways To Make Your Content Stand Out


When it comes to marketing technology or FinTech brands, it can be challenging to ensure your content gets seen by your target audience, due to the vast amount of competition within the industry. 


At Copy House, our talented team of content creators understand the key to creating unique content that gets your brand noticed. For that reason, they’ve shared their top 5 tips on how you can get your content to stand out from the crowd and become a thought leader within your industry. 

#1 Cut Through the Noise and Get Straight to Your Point

Statistics show that the average web user’s attention span is between 10 to 20 seconds. Meaning, if you do not clearly communicate your message across within the first 10 seconds, you risk losing a potential lead to a competitor. 


Whether you do this by creating an enticing hook, or by formatting your content to highlight the key points, you must cut through the noise and get straight to your point.

After all, web users want concise answers in digestible formats, not more questions than answers.


Another way to cut through the clutter is by designing your content so readers are drawn to the key information. Research suggests that the average web user’s attention span can increase by 50 milliseconds if a piece of content is well designed. 

So, if you want to draw attention to a specific statistic or definition, designing your content in a particular way can direct your reader to that answer. This can then get them to continue reading your content and take further action. 

#2 Make Sure Your Content Looks as Good as it Sounds

Did you know that the human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text?


That’s why great content marketing requires more than just brilliantly-written content. Your content must look as good as it sounds to stand out from the crowd and grab your readers’ attention. 


Our content team cannot express the importance of excellent content design enough. Having our copywriters and content designers work simultaneously at the start of a project leads to breathtaking results. 


There are numerous benefits that stem from incorporating content design and written content right at the beginning of a content piece’s journey. These benefits include:

Creating User-Friendly Content that is Simple to Navigate. 


By doing this, you can provide readers with a great customer experience. This can increase the time spent on your website and transform readers into potential leads. Therefore, having user-friendly content can lead to a rise in conversion and amplify your brand. 


Breaking Down Complex Information and Transforming it into Digestible and Engaging Content. 


This is particularly beneficial when marketing technology and FinTech brands as there can be a lot of technical information which can be challenging for the layman to understand. By using creative visual assets to complement written copy, readers can find the information easier to comprehend.

Building Credibility and Brand Recognition 


Your content and website are essentially your brand’s shop window. It’s unlikely a person would enter a store if the front window looks cluttered, displeasing or unsafe. 


The same applies to your website content. If it seems questionable and it’s poorly designed, it’s unlikely that your audience will continue to browse. In the end, you could lose out to your competitors. 


So, creating fluid content that looks and sounds excellent makes your brand more recognisable, trusted, and a standout within your industry.

Creating More Memorable Content. 

Statistics show that, as we live in a visual world, people tend to remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read and 80% of what they see. Therefore, using infographics to present your data or visual assets can help keep the information you share at the forefront of your readers’ minds. 


Cutting Through the Noise and Getting your Content Noticed. 

As mentioned previously, to stand out from the crowd, you need to cut through all the clutter and avoid bombarding your audience with information. Using content design to support is a must!

If you want to learn more about B2B content design, check out Copy House’s content design page.

#3 Cater Your Content to Your Target Audience 

“If you market towards everyone, you’ll reach no one.” 


Creating personalised content is vital when marketing technology. It’s crucial that your customer feels valued at all stages of your sales funnel. So, even if they are not the final decision maker, personalising your communications can reassure them that they are in the right hands and headed in the right direction.

  • “If you’re in a crowded room and scream, ‘Hey everyone, look here!’ it’s unlikely everyone will look. 
  • However, if you shout, ‘Hey you in the red shirt’, the people wearing a red shirt will turn around because you’re specifically addressing them.”
  • Kathryn Strachan, Managing Director of Copy House


By personalising your marketing efforts through establishing and catering to your customer avatar, you can build better relationships with your target audience. This can help you stand out from the crowd and it will ultimately lead to a boost in sales. 


If you want to know more about how to personalise your content to your customer avatar, check out our step by step guide on building your customer avatar.

#4 Use Strong SEO Keywords to Ensure Your Content Gets Seen

Even if you have the most well written and designed content piece, it will never get the recognition it deserves if it is not supported by sound SEO


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is used to ensure your content ranks high on search engines such as Google. By ranking on the first page of Google, your content has a 92% chance of being viewed by your target audience. 


This is the best way to generate organic traffic and become a recognised brand within your space. 

“At Copy House, our copywriters and marketing team use SEO to take content one step further. By knowing who our customer avatar is and identifying keywords that resemble their needs, we can create content that stands out from competitors and drives organic traffic. 


By incorporating SEO keywords into our marketing strategy, we can also identify what keywords are excelling and where we need to improve. This helps strengthen our overall content marketing strategy and get the brand name out there.” 


Kinga Kusak, Marketing Manager at Copy House

At Copy House, we use Semrush, an online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform that has an extensive database with up-to-date data on what keywords are performing well and which are not. It also helps with numerous other areas such as website audits, backlinks, competitor analysis and campaign management. 


The marketing tool has allowed Copy House and thousands of other B2B and B2C companies take their website and content one step further by putting them front and centre. 


You can read more about Semrush here, or to develop your SEO skills, check out Copy House’s 10-week SEO training course here

#5 Add Your Unique Twist

When marketing technology or FinTech brands, it’s easy to constantly publish blogs or articles that cater to the needs of your audience. However, you can try other forms of content to get your message across. 


For example, you can use an infographic, publish an eBook or even record a podcast. Make your content stand out by adding a unique twist. 


In a TechTalks episode, Katie Street, Founder of Street Agency, touched upon a great point. She stated that, as a consumer, not everyone has the time to read long-form content. Although you should never neglect it, it will be worthwhile to delve into other forms of content creation that will reach your target audience and get your brand noticed.

At Copy House, our team create different types of content depending on what stage of the sales funnel our target audience is in. 


For example: 


Top of Funnel: this is the awareness stage where content is created to show your audience that you can solve their problems and you exist. Here, thought leadership articles, blog posts, SEO optimised websites, and infographics usually are great pieces of content to use.


Middle of Funnel: this is the consideration stage where buyers are aware of their problems and consider solutions to mend them. So the best content would be white papers, reports, case studies, product landing pages, webinars and drip email campaigns.


Bottom of Funnel: this is the decision stage where a buyer is ready to select a solution, and your brand should be offering a ‘hard sell’ of your product or service. ‘How to’ product guides, competitor comparisons, testimonials and post-conversion emails are some of the most-used pieces of content that can help you convert at this stage.

content marketing funnel

So, when creating your marketing strategy, do some digging and explore the different types of content you can create to help draw in your target audience, and get your brand’s name out there.

Creating Unique and Engaging Content that Gets You Noticed

B2B content marketing is no walk in the park unless you have the right resources to make it happen. 

Copy House is a B2B content marketing agency that specialises in creating content for your technology or FinTech brand. If you’re looking to take your marketing effort to the next level, book a free 30-minute consultation now and check out how we’ve helped other technology and FinTech brands excel within the industry!