“We seek to break down boundaries and create a world where deep tech isn’t scary or confusing.”

As technology opens new doors for your business to go against the grain and rewrite the rulebook, it’s our job to help you educate audiences and spread the word about your new solution.

We work with forward-thinking businesses to build the digital societies of tomorrow and help consumers and business owners make better, smarter decisions powered by the latest tech.

Discover how our content marketing services play a vital role in building brand equity, raising public awareness and simplifying complex topics.

Experience Premium Content Marketing

Are you tired of rigid and traditional content that doesn’t represent your brand? Times have changed, and so should the way you communicate with your customers.

While “generalist” service providers struggle to understand deep tech, the team at Copy House already has a solid understanding of the latest technologies and a diverse set of skills. So we’re prepared to hit the ground running and deliver exceptional marketing campaigns from day one.


Enjoy complete peace of mind and discover the headspace to focus on the things that matter to you. Do your brand justice and treat yourself to the service you deserve with Copy House — the premium content marketing agency.

Discover Our Personalised Content Marketing Services

We believe content creation is a two-way street. That’s why we’ve gone against the grain, thrown the rulebook out the window and created something entirely unique by putting you — the client — at the centre of the conversation.

Whether you’re looking for new ways to boost customer engagement or a helping hand with technical campaigns, the Copy House team is here to help.

We take pride in our personal approach. While many content marketing agencies can feel too big and out of touch with your industry, our client-orientated approach means we can adapt to your individual needs.

Meet the Team - We’re A Friendly Marketing Agency Loving All Things Tech

Our Edinburgh-based team is a fun-loving bunch who live and breathe the Copy House values.

Kathryn Strachan

Managing Director

Kathryn is the driving force behind Copy House. Her passion, drive and commitment to guide the senior team and uphold Copy House’s values are unmatched.

Richard Braggins

Content Director

With over +20 years experience in the financial space, Richard is at the top of his game when it comes to leading our copywriters and clients in the right direction.

Steven Smith

Steven Smith

Head of Operations

On-time, on-brief and always exceeding quality expectations: Steven is our head of operations and ensures that the work gets done to the highest standards.

Kinga Kusak

Marketing Manager

Creativity is Kinga’s middle name. She loves challenging the status quo in her marketing concepts for Copy House.

Dani Mathieu

Client Services Director

Dani is on a mission to make our clients’ lives easier, she’s always looking for an opportunity to add value to their business and help them grow. 

Laura Bresolin

Business Development Manager & Head of Strategic Partnerships

Laura’s bubbly personality and drive for success helps Copy House find and build strong relationships with potential leads.

Emma Condie

Senior Account Manager

Emma delivers outstanding results by liaising with our clients and providing flawless customer service

Maddison Hagland

Senior Account Manager

Maddison liaises with our clients to deliver amazing results and provide unparalleled customer service.

Silvia Presello

Project Manager

Silvia is our organisation wizard. She keeps her team afloat and ensures all things are looking perfect.

Selina Malik

Project Manager

Selina’s love for Google Sheets and organisation makes her a phenomenal project manager. She does a brilliant job  planning for clients and the internal team. 

Michael Halliburton

Project Manager

Michael is an exceptional project manager to some of Copy House’s largest technology and FinTech clients. 

Hayley Brand

Content Strategist

Hayley’s middle name is creativity. Her passion knows no limits and she loves pushing boundaries to come up with the best content ideas. 

Stuart Found

Content Strategist

Stuart is an absolute word wizard. With an in-depth knowledge of FinTech brands, Stuart is our go-to copywriter and content strategist for creating engaging content on complex subjects in the industry.

Mairi Mulhern

Senior Copywriter

Mairi believes that creativity and collaboration are the building blocks of top-tier copywriting. She loves brainstorming new ideas and tackles challenges head-on.

Jessica Persson

Senior Copywriter

Jess’s determination and drive inspires her team to constantly go above and beyond and deliver outstanding content.

James Kilgour

Senior Copywriter

James’ background in psychology and marketing gives him great insight into what consumer’s need and how best to write content directed to them.

Bryce Arthur

Mid Level Copywriter

Bryce has tons of writing experience and a strong creative drive, so he’s able to consistently create high-quality content for Copy House’s clients.

Angela Luffman

Mid Level Copywriter

Angela likes to get to the heart of our clients’ needs and deliver engaging content that ticks all the right boxes.

Kathrine Yacovone

Junior Copywriter

Kat’s love for writing and anything creative helps her create great regular content for Copy House’s largest FinTech client.

Hazel McDowell

People Coordinator

Whether its hiring a talented team or supporting the Copy House staff, Hazel is our go to HR advisor. 

Billy Franks

Content Designer

When it comes to creating breath-taking visuals to support great copy, Billy is your go to! His keen eye for detail and creative mind allow him to produce phenomenal designs. 

Justin Rodgers

Content Designer

Justin lives and breathes design. His eye for precision and passion for unique and creative visual content is what keeps Copy House looking phenomenal.

Ammarah Kabir

Content Marketing Assistant

Whether it’s writing creative content or putting together an intricate content marketing strategy, Ammarah is your go-to for all marketing needs.

Paige Baker

Office Manager and PA to MD

Paige is the backbone of Copy House. Her organisation skills and ability to ensure everyone has what they need to perform their role, is unmatched. 

Our Values:

A Content Marketing Agency That Cares

Our purpose is to educate the public by translating your business activities into clear and coherent content.

Trust & Transparency

We believe the key to successful and loyal relationships is open lines of communication. Whether we’re sharing internal updates or overcoming challenges with new clients, we’re all about transparency.

Fair & Accessible Information

We’ll help you understand the content marketing landscape, so you have full control over your marketing. No one likes to feel held hostage in a system they don’t understand!

A Human Touch

While metrics play an important role in modern content marketing, we believe in viewing the world through a human lens. We want to empower disruptive businesses to build a better tomorrow.


It’s easy to see the world as scary or hold up a guard when the going gets tough. Here at Copy House, we embrace challenges and endeavour to always find the silver lining in everything we do.

Our Partners

Discover Unbeatable Customer Service

Working with huge content marketing agencies can sometimes feel like you’re talking to a brick wall. We understand that your business requires one-to-one customer care and personalised support to meet your individual needs.

We treat each and everyone one of our clients as a partner. While we’re focused on delivering a professional service, all of our clients are part of the Copy House family, and we do everything in our power to fuel their success.

What Our Clients Had to Say

A far more tailored and thoughtful service than larger SEO agencies I have worked with. And quick delivery. I thoroughly recommend.

Joanna Brunt

We’ve been really impressed at how they created valuable content for our marketing campaigns, all with a really impressive turnaround time.

Kirsty Mitchell

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