Building a Forward Thinking Company Culture


Creating a positive company culture is not a one-time affair. As a business grows and develops, the company culture should also adapt to support that growth and take it further. 

After all, the success of a business is highly influenced by its culture. 

Did you know that 71% of executives stated employee engagement is critical to their companies success? In fact, companies with highly engaged employees are 21% more profitable and those with good company culture can increase their revenue by up to 4x. 

To ensure this growth and success continues, a business must continue watering its company culture so it can continue to blossom. 

In the past year, Copy House has experienced rapid growth. We went from a team of 4 employees to 26 and counting. With this outstanding growth, Kathryn Strachan, Managing Director of Copy House, introduced further incentives and policies to motivate employees and encourage further growth. 

Before we get into the numerous ways that you can push your company culture further, let’s take a look at what company culture is and its importance. 

What is Company Culture? 

Company culture is the shared values, beliefs and attributes a company and its employees have. This can range from leadership styles, goals and targets, the company’s mission, or even the company’s expectations. 

A company’s culture is heavily influenced by the owner(s) of the business and often their values and beliefs are reflected within the business and either motivate employees or push them away. 

If employees are unhappy with their company culture, they will begin to disengage and look for roles elsewhere. This could make the business suffer as they would have to hire more staff, train them and ensure they have the right skills, knowledge and experience for that role. This is a costly and time-consuming process that can strain the business’ growth.

So, how do you build a company culture you can be proud of?

#1 Make Your Business Welcoming, Inclusive and Diverse

Copy House

Creating a business environment that is welcoming, inclusive and diverse is a must! Kathryn has stuck to her mantra, ‘happy team, happy clients’ from the very beginning. Creating an environment that is welcoming and inclusive is a huge part of that. 

In 2020, Kathryn introduced a ‘work from anywhere’ (and anytime) policy. This was a way to encourage employees to have a healthier work-life balance and work wherever and whenever they felt most creative and most comfortable. 

As we truly believe that an employees’ performance should be based on output and not facetime value, Copy House employees can work around their personal lives. This policy scaled up growth, as it opened up the door to recruit employees from anywhere in the UK and Europe, thus increasing diversity. 

We have employees with roots from all over the world, including but not limited to: 

  • Mozambique,
  • South Africa
  • USA
  • Sweden
  • Ireland
  • UK
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Italy and so on.

With our employees scattered across the globe, it’s good to ensure everyone stays in touch and there is healthy communication. For that reason, Copy House hosts weekly virtual team meetings or games nights where we all get together, chat, play games and have fun. 

We also have quarterly meetups where the team comes together and has a team day full of fun activities and bonding. Again, it’s a great way to encourage inclusion and allow employees to have a break from work. 

#2 Protect Your People and the Planet


Putting Employees’ Mental and Physical Health First

A study conducted by Monster found that 95% of employees wanted to quit their job, and most were due to burnout. In fact, since the pandemic, burnout experienced by employees has increased, with studies showing it’s affected 52% of employees.


Burnout should not be ignored, and instead, an employer should take necessary steps to ensure their employees’ mental and physical health is protected. 


To protect Copy House’s employees’ mental health, Kathryn introduced an Employee Assistance Programme during the pandemic. Here each employee spends an hour every month with a well-being professional. During this hour, they can discuss any concerns, worries or problems they may be having at work or home. Setting this time aside and allowing employees to speak in a safe space can benefit their mental health and allow them to reflect and check in on themselves. 


This programme did so well that Kathryn implemented it within the Copy House company culture, and every employee is entitled to a session every month as part of their contracted hours. 

More recently, Kathryn added the ClassPass scheme. This app connects each employee to local gyms, fitness centres and spas, so each employee can take time out and work on both their mental and physical health.


Sustainability in the Workplace

It’s crucial to give back to the community and leave the world in a better place than when you found it. 


Providing incentives that encourage your team to decrease their carbon footprint is a great way of keeping your team engaged and helping the planet. 


Copy House employees have two volunteer days where they spend the day helping the planet or their community. 


To help push this incentive, Copy House joined forces with OnHand. OnHand is an online platform that connects our employees to local charities and organisations that support the environment and the community. 


For each volunteering act an employee undertakes, they are awarded points. The team can then compete with one another to see who can earn the most points within Copy House. 


Another example of giving back to the world is through charitable programmes that support the local community. Recently, some Copy House employees joined the BIMA Digital Day, where they spent the day with 15-16-year-old students, encouraging them to pursue a career in technology.

#3 Create Room for Progression and Growth

Statistics show that 31.5% of employees leave their job due to the lack of growth incentives, whether it’s personal growth or growth within the company. 

It’s important to push your employees to be the best they can be, and a good way of doing that is through offering training, promotions and mentoring. 

At Copy House, Kathryn is a huge advocate for personal growth and development. She believes that Copy House’s success is a reflection of the team and vice-versa. 

For this reason, she has put in place mentoring for junior employees to learn from senior staff members, offered her 10-week SEO training course and offered each employee an allowance of £550 to find external courses that are relevant to their growth. 

In addition to that, senior copywriters and the content lead at Copy House, have frequently conducted internal training to provide insights and advice to other employees. 

As Copy House has rapidly grown over the years, Kathryn has also promoted numerous employees within the company. Those who joined Copy House as junior employees are now seniors, mentoring their own team of juniors. 

#4 Constantly Reflect on Your Company Culture

As mentioned, creating a great company culture is not a one-time affair. As the business grows and expands, you need to constantly check in with your employees and find new ways of strengthening your culture and ensuring there is a strong communication route for all team members. 

At Copy House, we use Trickle to constantly communicate with the team and ensure everyone is satisfied with the company culture. As Trickle is a platform where employees can discuss matters anonymously, it allows them to state whatever is on their mind. 

This is then observed by the likes of the HR and operations team, and action is taken to ensure all employees are happy, feel included and welcomed within the company. 

Creating a Company Culture that Counts

Creating a solid company culture is not straightforward. It requires you to really understand your team and find ways to make their work experience enjoyable. Failing to do this can lead to numerous consequences, including a decrease in employee retention. 

Copy House is constantly looking at ways to diversify the team and add new and fresh talent. If you’re interested in joining the team, check out our current vacancies here! Or, if you want to book a 30-minute free consultation with Copy House, fill out the following form, and we will be in touch. 

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