How We Demonstrated the Long-Term Value of Quality Content with 365 Business Finance

While businesses have a huge array of options for their digital marketing strategy, content marketing can deliver some sustainable, high-impact results.

We partnered with UK-based business lender 365 Business Finance to help them grow their online presence and boost engagement with potential customers.

Long-Term Value

When 365 Business Finance approached us, they were struggling to find a content marketing agency that could understand their industry and create engaging copy.

After a successful trial project, we launched a full scale monthly collaboration in November 2019 delivering two 1,000 word articles each month and accompanying social posts. Our articles spoke directly to their target audience to provide advice on managing a small business’ cash flow, B2B lending and expert advice about the latest financial news.

Copy House

How We Maintained Consistent Traffic With Zero Marketing Spend

At the time, our client was working with multiple agencies to deliver a range of marketing strategies. From pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to paid social ads, they relied on a toolbox of strategies to drive users to their website.


After conducting a comprehensive report of their website performance over the last few months, we noticed a remarkable anomaly.

How We Created Sustainable Content That Continues to Drive Traffic

While we’ve always believed in the power of content marketing, we were intrigued to find a data-driven example that demonstrated why content is important in digital marketing.


Before COVID, our clients website secured most of its visitors via paid search, display and direct acquisition. When they stopped their marketing activities, these channels plummeted by 82-98%.

However, organic search remained consistent and became their strongest source for attracting new visitors to their website and increasing brand awareness. Despite the level of inactivity, their evergreen content remained relevant and continued to serve as an educational resource to attract visitors.

Creating Engaging Content that Delivers Much-Needed Information

With the highest performing pages falling under /blog/, we can clearly see the power and value of content marketing. Our blogs continue to engage with their audience and continually bring users to the site attracting over 1k of users.

Interestingly, we found that the average time spent on the two top-performing blog articles was six minutes — a clear indication that users are taking the time to read the articles and digest the information for educational purposes.

Experience the Impact of Content Marketing With Copy House

Investing in content marketing today means that you can continue attracting visitors and achieving results long into the future. It’s a smart business decision.

Learn more about our services and how we help businesses use the power of words to create engaging content that delivers tangible results. Speak to us today to find out how we can help you boost brand awareness and create optimised website content.

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