How We Helped INAA Expand Their International Foothold Through High-quality SEO Content

Turning complex, financial topics into digestible, engaging content is easier said than done –– especially in a language that’s not your mother tongue.

INAA (International Association of Accounting and Audit Independent Firms) is a membership network where accounting and auditing professionals can exchange knowledge, share ideas, and find new clients. 

With operations based in Belgium, creating high-quality content in English was a challenge they needed specialist support to overcome.

We partnered with INAA in 2019 to help them increase their online presence and boost their brand credibility. What started as a simple proofreading contract quickly transformed into a fully-fledged content marketing service. 

Join us and explore how our high-quality SEO optimised content helped INAA position itself as thought leaders in the international finance market. 

A Need to Increase Visibility, Engagement & Credibility

In the beginning, clients rarely approached INAA to become members of the association. Instead, INAA spent a lot of time reaching out to potential clients. The process was time-consuming and quite ineffective. 

INAA needed our support with reaching international, English-speaking clients. Unable to express themselves effectively in English, INAA tasked Copy House to proofread their content to ensure it was readable. 

Although, INAA had very little time to focus on content or SEO. As a result, our support quickly transformed from merely proofreading to taking over the entire content creation process.

Ultimately, our SEO content strategy and creation would boost INAA’s visibility, credibility and customer engagement to help acquire more international members.

Strengthening INAA’s Online Position with SEO Content

Starting off our project, we sat down with INAA’s team to discuss their needs and expectations. 

We established that INAA needed a solid SEO strategy complemented by quality content about topics that resonate with their target audience. INAA also required our expertise to create a professional but relatable English tone of voice to deliver the content. A dedicated news section on their existing website for thought-leadership content would also help INAA engage more with their audience.

Once we understood the client’s expectations, our SEO specialists created an in-depth SEO strategy for their content marketing. The strategy included key elements like target keywords, suggested content pillars and a well-planned content calendar of topics for long-form blog articles. 

Building visibility and credibility with SEO content takes time and patience. Although, our team’s consistency and dedication yielded incredible results for INAA long-term.

Helping INAA Withstand COVID-19 with Engaging Content

When the pandemic turned the world on its head, some of our clients had to pause their content marketing due to tightening budgets. INAA made the intelligent decision to continue to invest in their content despite the uneasy state of the business world. 

As it turned out, sticking to their content marketing plan was the best decision INAA could have made. Due to Copy House’s continued support with content, INAA barely experienced any impact on customer engagement during the pandemic. 

Nadège Mullier, Executive Manager at INAA, Explains:

“If we didn’t have Copy House, it would have been more difficult to stay in touch with our membership and continue to offer professional material. Thanks to Copy House, we’ve been able to continue producing articles and content for members and potential members across the world.”

Copy House

Increased Conversion Rates & Audience Engagement

Since the beginning of our partnership with INAA, our teams have collaborated closely and openly. INAA’s cooperation and trust in Copy House allowed us to continuously develop their SEO and content strategy to match their evolving needs. 

Leveraging content marketing empowers INAA to reach more members and potential clients worldwide. Copy House’s unique ability to transform impersonal, jargon-heavy financial language into an approachable yet professional tone continues to be a driving force behind INAA’s success. Helping INAA find their English voice allows them to create an international brand that people trust. 

Publishing engaging and relevant content also sparks engagement among INAA’s audience, boosting their site traffic and conversion rate. Members and clients engage with the content via likes and shares on INAA’s social media platforms. 

With the help of Copy House’s top-class SEO content, INAA has successfully established itself as thought-leaders in the international accounting and auditing industry.

“I think, to be honest, it’s so much more than what I could have thought a copywriter can do.”

Nadège Mullier, Executive Manager at INAA.

A Trustfilled Relationship to Accelerate Business Growth

At Copy House, we’re firm believers in the power of collaboration. We don’t work for our clients, but with them to make sure they achieve the results they deserve. 

Our close collaboration with INAA not only cemented our relationship but helped us tailor the content strategy to their needs. Every business is different, and we work tirelessly to get to know the ins and outs of every company we work with.

This partnership is a relationship of trust, which empowers our team to find new and creative ways to help INAA accomplish their content marketing goals. We look forward to discovering where our continued teamwork will take INAA in the future.

“The collaboration with Copy House enhances and professionalises our marketing activities and outreach. Copy House has been with us every step of the way to offer support and guidance alongside content creation. 

We’ve learned a lot from working with Copy House. Their undying dedication allowed us to grow in terms of visibility and credibility, which was the main goal. We know and trust that they can deliver quality results by proposing subjects that will fit INAA’s needs.” 

Nadège Mullier, Executive Manager at INAA.

Copy House

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