Building Long-term Momentum with INAA

Modern businesses have a wide variety of options when it comes to their digital marketing strategy, but content marketing can deliver some long-term, high-impact results. 

We partnered with INAA, an international association of accounting firms with 140 members in 50 countries, to help them harness SEO, share their expert industry insights and boost engagement with members.

Building Long-term Momentum with Continuous Content Strategy & Ideation

When INAA approached us, they were on the search for a content marketing agency that was able to understand the accountancy industry and create engaging, thought-leadership copy.

After an initial content planning and ideation session, we crafted a long-term content strategy in May 2019 to deliver four 1,000 word articles each month.

Using a comprehensive content calendar we were able to develop a close-working relationship that allowed us to communicate industry-specific content ideas and receive direct feedback from the client. This collaborative approach has been essential in maintaining the momentum to continue delivering regular, valuable content.


How we Harnessed the Latest Industry Trends to Boost Website Traffic with SEO

By keeping our finger on the pulse towards the latest accounting news, trends and fintech innovations, we have created numerous articles that resonate with our client’s target audience and position them as a credible and authoritative source of information.

While we consistently delivered insightful, fresh and unique content for the client, we also carefully optimised the copy for search engines based on thorough target market research and search intent.

After conducting a thorough analysis on the impact of our SEO efforts we were delighted to see the results our content has helped the client achieve.

Multiple articles we have written throughout 2020 rank on page #1 of Google search results. In fact, one of the highest performing articles ‘How Does China’s DCEP Currency Work?’ was published in July 2020 and is already appearing at position 3 on Google.

How we Helped INAA Engage Their Community of Members Over the Long-Term Without In-Person Events

The content we have produced for the client over time has consisted of news-style articles as well as articles created from board-member and industry expert interviews. The COVID-19 pandemic has paused most in-person events and conferences.

Despite this, through engaging content we have helped INAA to maintain their foothold in the accountancy industry by providing them with the tools to consistently engage their target audience (their membership) over an extended period of time.

Having the opportunity to interview accountancy professionals allowed us to create highly insightful and technical content that aligned to the target audience’s level and preferred tone. Through direct communication with the client we were able to gather unique insights and transform complex ideas into simple, accessible language.

By working in close partnership with INAA over an extended period of time we have successfully built a strong and authentic professional relationship that continues to thrive.

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