Become a Market Leader with Strategic Thought-Leadership Articles

Did you know that the average long-form blog post generates 9x more leads than short-form content?

Investing in long-form content marketing helps you build brand equity, boost online exposure and establish your company as a leading force in the industry.

Whether you’re a cutting-edge B2B fintech or an established technology firm looking to refresh your voice, long-form content services unlocks endless benefits. Here at Copy House, we specialise in delivering effective content marketing strategies to help your business seize new growth opportunities. We thrive on helping founders connect with their audience and empower positive change through cleverly crafted copy.


Why Should I Invest in Article Writing Services?

While it’s easy to consume yourself in the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business, it’s important to think about how you can generate more leads.

Long-form content marketing offers a host of opportunities to engage with potential clients and cement relationships with existing ones. Thought-leadership articles and blog posts continue to deliver returns on your investment long after the initial outlay.

At Copy House, we guarantee engaging and jargon-free content that delivers meaningful copy that does your brand justice.

Benefits of Working With Copy House

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Kickstart online conversations
  • Position your brand as industry-leaders
  • Drive conversions
  • Keep prospects in the sales funnel
  • Climb the SERP results
  • Respond to industry news
  • Share company updates & feature releases
  • Build better relationships with your customers

The Copy House Approach: How We Deliver Our Long-Form Content Services

Our experienced team of copywriters and content marketing strategists adopt a three-stage approach to bring your ideas to life.

Stage 1: Ideation Sessions

We believe the best marketing results come through collaboration. So, we’ll meet with you on a regular basis to discuss content ideas, ask questions about your business goals and current challenges. We’ll then use these insights to create a content marketing strategy that aligns with your current business needs and how we can help you overcome market barriers.

Stage 2: Mapping Your Content Marketing Strategies

Once we have a solid understanding of what you want to achieve, we’ll create an actionable strategy to make it happen. Our content strategy is formed around core content pillars, your target audience and market, and of course potential keywords for search engine optimisation (SEO). This content strategy will keep us on track and give your team an opportunity to approve topics before we put pen to paper.

Stage 3: Content Creation

Now the real fun begins. Our team of expert copywriters use industry best practices and their understanding of the world of technology to create articles that explain the value of your services and capture keywords to push your website up the ranks on Google. We adapt our tone of voice to fit your brand and conduct thorough research to make sure we’re producing highly-relevant content that packs a punch. Once we’ve completed the first draft, we offer two rounds of amends as part of our article editing services.

Enjoy Dedicated Support From Our Long-Form Content Marketing Team

Here at Copy House, we’re committed to providing a personal touch to our article writing services.

While many content marketing agencies churn out mediocre copy, our team takes the time to understand your specific needs and tailor our approach to guarantee unrivalled customer care. We have a dedicated project manager to communicate detailed briefs with our internal team and a highly-experienced senior account manager to liaise with you — the client.

We maintain open lines of communication and aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours and phone calls within a few hours on weekdays.

Monitor the Impact of Our Long-Form Content Services with Regular Check-Ins & Reporting

We’ll conduct regular check-ins with your team to review progress, analyse readership and adjust our strategy to suit your changing needs. Reviewing progress gives us a chance to pull out important insights and pinpoint opportunities to add value to your content marketing strategy.

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What Types of Long-Form Content Services Do We Offer?

Here at Copy House, we provide a range of different article writing services to suit your individual needs.

Long-From Blog Content

Producing regular log content is a highly-effective way of capturing keywords for SEO and providing a stream of engaging content to direct potential customers to your website.


Downloadable eBooks are a great way to generate qualified leads and nurture relationships with prospective customers. We’ll conduct in-depth desk research and interviews to get grips with the subject matter and create an outline for your approval. Once you’re happy with the proposed structure, our copywriters will get to work.

Case Studies

When you’re trying to win new work, customers love to see detailed examples of past projects you’ve worked on.

We’ll use a proven formula to gather key information about a given case study and conduct stakeholder interviews to uncover important details about the project. Our copywriters will then transform these insights into a comprehensive portfolio of case studies to showcase your best work.

Thought-Leadership Articles

Capturing unique insights from your in-house experts allows you to establish your brand as an innovative market leader.

We conduct virtual interviews with key stakeholders from your business to turn their expert insights into a professionally-written article. We can also adopt this same approach to create fully-optimised ghost articles for busy executives or in-house marketing teams.

Discover How to Generate Leads with Copy House

Adopting a data-driven approach is vital to monitor the impact of your content and justify the expenditure on our services.

We’ll create data-driven reports using Google Analytics & SEMRush to present transparent representations of your progress and suggest ideas to further improve the reach of your content.

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What Our Content Marketing Clients Had to Say
Since we started working with Copy House a few months ago, we have had a massive improvement in the quality and consistency of our blogs and articles. Website traffic has consistently improved, and we have had a positive response to many of the articles shared.
Lara Findlay


We’ve been really impressed at how they created valuable content for our marketing campaigns, all with a really impressive turnaround time.
Kirsty Mitchell