Copy House are The Drum Awards Agency for Business 2021 Finalists


Copy House has been selected as finalists for The Drum Agency for Business 2021 Award for the Best Response to Change category.

COVID-19 had a huge global impact as millions of businesses and people were left uncertain about what the future holds. Due to this, agencies around the world had to re-strategize and adapt to the new way of working. Copy House was no different.  

Our team used that time as an opportunity to grow and not sit in the shadows by reshaping the business from the ground up and repositioning our services entirely to fit the current climate. As a result, we’ve been able to slingshot our way out of the pandemic by becoming an award-winning technology and FinTech content marketing agency run by a strong and growing team of 22. 

Most recently, our efforts have been recognised by The Drum, as Copy House has secured a finalist spot in this year’s awards taking place on the 23rd September. Read on to take a look at what we did to get here. 

Copy House’s Journey from a Generalist Agency to a Leading Technology and FinTech Agency

Copy House was first launched in 2019 as a generalist content marketing agency. We created content for numerous industries, from travel to technology. However, when the pandemic struck, many businesses suffered and slashed their marketing budgets. This led to a huge loss in clients for Copy House, as they’ve had no choice but to terminate their contracts.


Fortunately, our Owner and Managing Director, Kathryn Strachan, made the executive decision to take a step back, restrategise, and prepare her team for Copy House to slingshot their way back out of the pandemic. 


To do this, Kathryn and her team did thorough market research to identify where their services are best required. After numerous sleepless nights and extensive research, Kathryn made the decision to reposition Copy House from a generalist agency to a content marketing agency that specialises in technology and FinTech.


This was an industry in serious need of a content marketing services due to its complex nature, which is often challenging for regular agencies and freelancers to understand. 

With this new niche in mind, Kathryn and the Copy House team worked tirelessly to update the website, communicate this with our current networks, undertake in-depth research into the industry, create outreach campaigns and coordinate our new vision with our stakeholders. All whilst remaining flexible and present with our remaining clients. 

To push the Copy House name out there, Kathryn and the team did the following; 

  • Redesigned the entire Copy House website and messaging to focus on the technology and FinTech sectors
  • Went out to numerous networking events which focused on technology and marketing
  • Started creating an events programme directed at the technology sector
  • Approached membership organisations that have a strong focus on tech and marketing
  • Started an outreach campaign, with the help of the email lead generation platform, Sopro, to target marketing managers and CMO’s in the technology sector

This intense focus on relationship building and direct marketing successfully positioned Copy House as the technology content leader. With a steady flow of leads, Copy House started to see a growth in interest from this sector, allowing continued company growth.

“They [Copy House] are very personable, and they’re always there to help out. Even going through the pandemic, they’re still there and helped create free content for us. It was exceptional and outstanding.”

Mandy Warren, Digital Marketing Manager, 365 Business Finance.

Copy House’s Growth

Due to the extensive work from Kathryn and the team, Copy House had an incredible growth rate during the pandemic. We went from a predicted 60% annual growth rate to a 280% annual growth rate for 20/21. 

This pushed Copy House with an overall 900% growth rate from when we first launched in 2019. 

Kathryn and our team’s response to change enabled Copy House to hire more employees, expand our services and branch out to Europe.

Copy House

Advancing Company Culture 

Through the chaos of the pandemic, Copy House’s Managing Director, Kathryn, was adamant not to put any of her team on furlough or to let anyone go. She has always been driven by the ‘Happy Team, Happy Clients’ mantra, and the challenges of the pandemic weren’t going to change that.


To uphold this mantra, Kathryn incorporated an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). This enabled all employees to check in monthly with a well-being specialist and discuss anything on their minds – whether it was work-related, personal or even a discussion on the weather. All employees were able to take a break and speak to an external body in confidence. 


By taking this break, employees were able to create a healthy balance between work and their personal life. They were also able to remain reassured during the pandemic, where most people were going through uncertain times. 


Furthermore, as offices shut, Kathryn began to work on the ‘work from anywhere’ policy, allowing staff to benefit from a flexible working approach and promoting an outstanding work-life balance. 


As some team members found themselves strangled in other countries due to strict travel restrictions, Kathryn gave them a sense of security by ensuring they had everything they needed to work from their current location.


As long as staff attended necessary calls, they could do the work in their own time and anywhere, fully promoting the idea of measuring results based on output rather than face-time.


Both the EAP and ‘work from anywhere’ policies were a success for Copy House and showed tremendous results. For this reason, Kathryn adopted this into the company’s culture, which we uphold today. 


With life going back to normal, our employees can still work from anywhere, keeping them to stay connected to loved ones abroad, allowing them to travel, explore and stay creative, whilst encouraging them to have a better work-life balance. 


During the pandemic, Kathryn also understood the importance of staying in touch with the team. As everything was remote, so were social interactions. As a result, most of our team days took place virtually where the team got together, took a break from work and had some fun. 


Again this continued long after the pandemic as we continue to meet up virtually. We now also have an events calendar for in-person quarterly staff meetups that allow us all to take a break from work, get to know each other better and have a good time. 

Our Best Response to Change

The growth of Copy House did not stem overnight. It required a lot of hard work and changes, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where the world was left in uncertain circumstances. 

Copy House’s rise to become a leading content marketing agency within the tech and FinTech space was down to the team’s breathtaking response to a devastating time. Due to this, the company has gone above and beyond to be where we are today and as we continue to expand rapidly, we look back with pride at how well we overcame the challenges of the previous year.

“I’m delighted to be a Drum finalist for the Best Response to Change. They say that disruption breeds innovation and that’s exactly what happened at Copy House. Our creative problem solving and close teamwork has allowed us to not only survive, but thrive with 280% growth since January. I’m excited to see what the future holds for us.”

Kathryn Strachan, Owner and Managing Director of Copy House.

Want to Know More? 

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