Copy House Celebrates its 3rd Birthday with 280% Growth in 21/22

Our content marketing agency, Copy House, which specialises in the technology and FinTech sector exceeded expectations for the year 21/22 by hitting a growth rate of 280%


In addition to this annual growth, since launching our specialised marketing services in 2019 and pivoting to a technology specialism and agency model, we have grown by 900% in the short space of three years.

“It has been exceptional to watch Copy House go from a small agency of four employees and a few clients to an award-winning content marketing agency with a team of 35 talented individuals who have worked collectively on thousands of projects with over 100 technology and FinTech brands. 


We are now bringing in huge client wins like Meta and transforming the B2B marketing space each day. It has been phenomenal to witness and be a part of this growth.” 


Kathryn Strachan, Managing Director of Copy House.

Building Our Client Portfolio and Team

Since Copy House first opened its doors, our team has grown from a one-woman team to a team of 35 and counting. We’ve sourced some of the top talent from across the UK and Europe to deliver high-quality content for series A and above technology and FinTech brands


In 2021, our growing team secured 59 new clients, including three major client wins. Most notably, securing social media giants Meta


With such a comprehensive database of clients, we pride ourselves on our 56.56% annual client retention rate, which includes projects and retained clients.

Dominating the B2B Content Marketing Space

Alongside growing our team, Copy House has also branched out to Europe and launched “Copy House Europe. We expanded to Europe for three core reasons:


Due to our work-from-anywhere policy, Copy House focuses on people’s skills and not where they’re located. 


This means we have a diverse team built of talented individuals who live across the UK and Europe. It also means our team have the freedom and flexibility to travel whilst working and create a healthy work-life balance. 

Expanding Our Content Marketing Services

Copy House’s niche specialisms, offer technology and FinTech brands the ability to market to their target audience in creative and engaging ways. 


As tech and FinTech brands are known to be complex and constantly evolving, our team of tech marketing experts work together to break down complicated information and produce digestible content. 


Due to our success and increasing demand, Copy House introduced new services to our specialism. We’ve introduced the following services between 21/22 to complement our existing copywriting services:

Working With A B2B Content Marketing Agency That Cares

If you’re a technology or FinTech brand that wants to take your marketing efforts to the next level, schedule a call with our content marketing specialists.


At Copy House, we explore your brand’s vision, core messaging and target audience before creating well crafted, unique content that your audience will want to read. We break the average 6-12 month B2B sales cycle by creating captivating content that generates organic leads to your website and nurtures your audience through the sales funnel. 


You can check out our services here or book a free 30-minute consultation with our  team here!