Content Marketing Jobs: A Day in The Life Of a Copy House Copywriter

Copywriting is an exciting, fun and rewarding job that presents endless opportunities to grow and challenge your mind. While there are several types of copywriting jobs, writing for Copy House is educative and rewarding in its own way.


Join us as we list some of the main perks of working as a Copywriter for the technology-focused content marketing agency that is Copy House.

Flexible Work Schedules

Copy House has a company culture that promotes flexibility for Copywriters to work whenever they want. The idea is for us to write when our creativity flows the best to create top-quality content for our clients.

We can also work wherever we want, meaning we can travel or visit family and take our work with us. As long as we meet our deadlines, we can work whenever and wherever we choose. Our team is currently spread out across the world in various time zones, and the agency still runs like clockwork.

Copy House

Insights Into Agency Life

All Copywriters work closely with clients to create top-quality content tailored to their unique strengths and needs. The Senior Copywriter also collaborates daily with our Account Manager, Project Manager and Marketing Manager, giving them a first-hand view of the company’s inner workings.

Thanks to these close relationships, they get full visibility of the wider agency machine and exciting insights into agency life.

Engage With Industry Experts

Copy House is a niche agency specialising in content marketing for technology companies. Us Copywriters get to engage with various industry experts and learn about technologies like Blockchain, Biometrics and Open Banking.

While the prospect of calls can be daunting beforehand, the interviews are among the most educational and rewarding parts of the job. When listening to these experts sharing their passion for their field, it’s nearly impossible not to engage.

Copy House

New Experiences Daily

Being a Copywriter also gives you opportunities to learn something new every day about emerging technologies and clients that each present unique and exciting challenges.

When researching and producing engaging copy for long-form articles, you gain in-depth knowledge of fascinating topics across the technology sector. Keeping target customers in mind, we use our creative flair to help these brands connect with their audience through engaging content. The process provides value to our clients and ourselves.

Additionally, running brand workshops gives us opportunities to get creative and engage with clients in a less formal environment. This process is highly rewarding as it allows us to really get to know our clients and watch them gain a better understanding of themselves.

Copy House

Inclusive & Ambitious Team

Trust is crucial to running a successful business, especially when the team is spread out across the globe. Despite working remotely for the majority of the past year, our team has a close connection to each other, which allows us to operate as effectively as we do.

Copy House’s Founder & Managing Director, Kathryn Strachan, has selected a team of ambitious and talented self-starters that all contribute to the successful running of the company. Everyone has their individual responsibilities, and we trust each other to get the job done.

Supportive & Dedicated Leadership

No business can operate well without a strong leader at the helm. Kathryn, our MD, pours her heart into Copy House, always looking for ways to make sure the team feels supported and valued.

When the pandemic hit last year, she worked tirelessly to keep all her employees employed and drive growth during a time of crisis. Recognising her role as a leader, Kathryn is always there for support and dedicates her time to keep her team happy.

“I’ve created a workplace that people are proud to be part of with a team that works together to achieve a shared goal. It’s my job to keep this team together and working as one.”

– Kathryn Strachan

Join the Copy House Team

Copy House is hiring a new Senior Copywriter to join our talented team.

You’ll get a chance to work on some exciting projects within the technology and FinTech space. As our content manager, you’ll take a leading role in every aspect of this process from running the workshops to creating content and sharing best practices with the copywriters.

Sound interesting? Find out more about the role and send us your CV.