From Copywriter to Content Lead, Stuart Cameron’s Copy House Journey


Stuart Cameron joined Copy House in February 2020 when Copy House was merely a team of four. As a junior copywriter, he aided Kathryn in creating content for numerous clients.

Since Stuart joined the company prior to the pandemic, he was a part of the transition Copy House went through from a generalist content marketing agency, to a content marketing agency specialising in technology and FinTech. 

“I’m grateful to be a part of the Copy House family. I started my journey just before the pandemic struck and I feel so unbelievably lucky to have been able to grow my career during this time.”

Stuart Cameron, Content Lead at Copy House.

Stuart’s Journey from a Junior Copywriter to Content Lead

How it Started? 


Prior to working for Copy House, Stuart completed his undergraduate degree in History. He was unsure of what path to pursue and worked in several fields during and after his time at university. 


Copywriting was something he dabbled in, in his spare time and considered his ‘side hustle’, but once Stuart built his portfolio and had some experience under his belt, he applied for a copywriting position at Copy House. 

Transitioning from a Junior Copywriter to a Senior Copywriter

At first, Kathryn Strachan, Copy House’s Managing Director and Owner, took Stuart under her wing and mentored him whilst he was still a junior. However, she quickly realised Stuart was an incredibly fast learner and his work spoke for itself.

“Copy House is generally a fast-moving company. You’re put in a position where you can choose whether to sink or swim and when you choose to swim, you have to learn fast, but it’s what makes the journey interesting.”

Stuart Cameron, Content Lead at Copy House

Throughout the pandemic, Stuart worked on his copywriting skills and as Copy House expanded, he went from a junior copywriter to a senior.


As a senior copywriter, Stuart mentored his own junior copywriter and learnt a few lessons on the way. 


“My biggest challenge was learning how to give and take feedback. A copywriter often puts in a lot of time and effort to create content. The last thing you want to do is damage their confidence with blunt and unhelpful criticism.


So, when I receive feedback, I try to not approach it in a defensive manner but rather with an open mind. When giving feedback, I always try to provide a clear reason as to why something needs to change and offer up alternative suggestions or a resolution. 


I’ve learned the importance of approaching all feedback in a fair, constructive and empathetic way.” 


Stuart Cameron, Content Lead at Copy House.


Through mentoring others, he was able to leap into his role as a content lead with full confidence. His time as a senior copywriter expanded his internal and external knowledge of the company and helped him built his leadership skills by giving him a great insight into what it’s like to lead a team.

From a Senior Copywriter to Content Lead

Although Stuart still works with our clients, in August 2021 he took on the role of Content Lead and now overlooks Copy House’s strategy and managerial decisions. 

As a content lead, Stuart’s job is to support all of Copy House’s senior copywriters and work on some of Copy House’s complex client projects that require content strategies and brand workshops.  

As well as external duties, Stuart also does a phenomenal job internally by running pod meetings, conducting internal workshops and building the bridge between internal communication’s so our senior copywriters know who to turn to in a time of need.

“Stuart was one of our very first employees. Having come in at a relatively junior level, it’s been incredible to watch him rise through the ranks to become one of our senior leaders. He’s constantly risen to the challenges, looked for new ways to learn and grow and has played such an important role in our company’s success. I’m so proud of how far he’s come.”

Kathryn Strachan, Managing Director and Owner of Copy House.

“Stuart made me feel like part of the Copy House team from day one. He took time out of his busy schedule to check in on me, gave me constructive feedback to help improve my writing skills and boosted my confidence when I needed it.

Between his supportive words and hilarious dad jokes, Stuart has made my time at Copy House all the more enjoyable.”

Rachel Gibson, Junior Copywriter at Copy House.

“I’m super proud of how far I’ve come in quite a short span of time and Copy House has definitely helped me find my calling in life and shown me what I’m good at. This makes me extremely proud.


“My favourite thing about working at Copy House is getting to know our clients and what they’re doing to shape the future of tech and finance. What other job gives you the opportunity to spend an hour of your day interviewing an industry expert or company CEO to learn about the innovations they’re working on?”

Stuart Cameron, Content Lead at Copy House.

Advice for Copywriters Looking to Progress

Progressing in an industry that is incredibly competitive can be a challenge. Whether you’re a junior copywriter aiming to become a mid-weight or senior, or if you’re a senior copywriter looking to take on more managerial responsibilities. It can be a challenge. 

Here is some advice from Stuart Cameron:

“Before writing, make sure you’re familiar with your target audience. Get to know who you’re speaking to or your content will SUCK.

Bonus piece of advice: Listen to instrumental music when you write. Movie and TV scores or video game soundtracks are incredible tools to help you remain focused.”

Working with Copy House

Copy House is rapidly expanding and constantly looking for new talent and a fresh perspective.  We are proud of our company culture and how welcoming, inclusive and diverse it is. 

Do you think you’re the right fit for Copy House? Check out our current vacancies and our article on why you should work for Copy House.

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