From Copywriter to Content Strategist, Hayley Brand’s Copy House Journey

Hayley Brand joined Copy House in June 2021 as a Mid-Level Copywriter. Here, she worked with technology and FinTech clients to help produce well-crafted content that engages their target audience and boost’s the brand’s revenue. 


Within a few months of working at a mid-level position, Hayley was promoted to a senior position due to her phenomenal copywriting skills, drive and creativity. 


As a Senior Copywriter, Hayley continued producing flawless content and began managing other Copywriters, building content strategies and working closely with clients to create customer avatars that help them connect with their target audience.


When Copy House rapidly expanded, the team encouraged her to apply for the new internal position as a Content Strategist.

“I enjoy the writing side of things, as that’s what I’ve done for most of my career. But whilst working with clients, I also really started getting into strategic thinking and putting content plans together. 


When the Content Strategist role was advertised, I was initially unsure whether to go for it. I had only ever been in purely writing positions, and I didn’t know if I was cut out for a more strategic role.


However, some members of the team kindly encouraged me to apply, and the rest is history!” 


Hayley Brand, Content Strategist at Copy House.

Hayley’s Journey to Becoming a Copywriter at Copy House

Prior to Copy House, Hayley worked as a copywriter and a marketer in the engineering and technology space. At the time, she was battling with some chronic health conditions that became worse during the course of the pandemic. Therefore, returning to a traditional office environment after lockdown became impossible. 


Not only was Hayley a brilliant writer, but she also enjoyed investigating technical and complex topics within engineering and technology. Having a great understanding of technology paired with phenomenal writing skills made Hayley the perfect fit for Copy House. 


She seamlessly took on some of Copy House’s largest technology and FinTech clients and created engaging content that grabbed their target audiences’ attention.

“I was inspired to join the team because I wanted to continue writing professionally — despite my obstacles — and Copy House offered the opportunity to work remotely, which makes everything far more manageable.


I also liked the fact that, although the company was small, at the time, it was growing rapidly, which suggested that there was huge potential to be a part of the business growth and to grow as a creative myself.”

Hayley Brand, Content Strategist at Copy House.

From a Copywriter to a Content Strategist

As a Copywriter, the focus is on helping brands build better relationships with their audience by explaining complex topics in creative and engaging ways. 


This helps nurture leads through the sales funnel and boost revenue.


This differs from a Content Strategist role because a Content Strategist focuses on the specific types of content that will help a brand start conversations. 


Content Strategists essentially create the pillars of content that they know would align with their client’s vision and goals, as well as resonate with their target audience.

“Whilst working as a Senior Copywriter, I was already involved in these client conversations. 


I really started getting into strategic thinking and putting content plans together for clients.


So, when the Content Strategist role was up, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to excel in something different.” 


Hayley Brand, Content Strategist at Copy House

“Hayley is a meticulous strategist and content writer. 


Her attention to detail gives insight to our clients and offers the best solution and approach to the most complex briefs. 


She’s amazing to work with and is always willing to go the extra mile!”


Selina Malik, Project Manager at Copy House.

As with all new adventures, there are always challenges. Not only is Hayley working as a Content Strategist, but she also leads training sessions and mentors her own Mid-Level Copywriter. 


Therefore, a challenge Hayley faced was learning how to balance all her responsibilities without neglecting her well-being. 



She did this by stressing the importance of great communication and working as a team. 


Hayley understands that different people communicate in different ways. So, Hayley identifies what works best for her and her team and strives to ensure that there is a good communication bond between them. 



By working together and communicating, they are able to meet deadlines, produce high-quality work and protect their well-being. 


“I am a bit of a perfectionist, so it’s easy for me to get wrapped up in what I’m doing or overthink things.


Ultimately, the challenge is getting the balance right and making sure the team and I are delivering high-quality work without over-scrutinising decisions.


I’m constantly learning how to overcome this challenge. However, one of the main things that works for me is communication. 


By communicating about workloads and deadlines, it means that my team and I can always prioritise tasks and ensure that everything is finished on time and to a high standard. ”


Hayley Brand, Content Strategist at Copy House

“Hayley is supportive, understanding and a wonderful mentor. 


Despite her busy schedule, she always makes time for me and is committed to helping me reach my professional goals.


I’m very lucky to have her!”


Rachel Gibson, Mid Level Copywriter at Copy House

Advice for Upcoming Creatives Within the Tech and FinTech Space

“I would say that you should fully embrace your creativity and don’t be afraid to be a bit different. Also, do some non-client or personal work in your spare time if you can, because most client work can’t be used in a portfolio and you’ll need something to share with potential employers – I learnt that the hard way!”


Hayley Brand, Content Strategist at Copy House.

Working With Copy House

Copy House is rapidly expanding and constantly looking for new talent and a fresh perspective.  We are proud of our company culture and how welcoming, inclusive and diverse it is. 


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