From Junior to Senior Copywriter, James’ Copy House Journey

James Kilgour joined Copy House in May 2021, just days after finishing the last exam for his BSc in Psychology. Since then, he has worked on dozens of projects with numerous tech and FinTech clients. These projects and topics range from cybersecurity to cryptocurrency to the use of cloud platforms. 


In December 2021, James was promoted to mid-level copywriter due to his excellent progression and performance. But his growth did not stop there. James continued to work hard and produce breathtaking content, so in April 2022, he was promoted to senior copywriter. 

“I’ve written for numerous brands on multiple topics. As a senior copywriter, although I spend a large portion of my day writing, I also get to meet clients, listen to their expertise and bring their vision to life by crafting well-written content. 


I have a passion for writing, but I also love the advancements of technology, and I get to help our clients share it with the world.”


James Kilgour, Senior Copywriter at Copy House

“James is an exceptionally talented writer. He’s enthusiastic, hard-working and versatile, with an especially attuned ear for what makes a great story.


I’ve been very fortunate to support James’s journey, as he’s rapidly evolved from a keen junior writer to a consistent client favourite. James is an invaluable asset to any campaign and always responsive to feedback and passionate about maintaining high standards.”


Stuart Found, Content Strategist at Copy House


James’ Journey as a Copywriter

Before joining Copy House, James completed his bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Heriot-Watt University. Whilst studying there, he worked as a marketing assistant at the Heriot-Watt Student Union. 


Here he took on many responsibilities, including but not limited to:


With this marketing experience, in-depth knowledge of psychology, and a love for technology, James was a perfect match for Copy House. 


Since Copy House was a start-up, James knew he could make an impact and help tech and FinTech clients achieve their goals through powerful content. 

James’ Journey as a Copywriter

Throughout the past year, James has worked with clients of all sizes — from small technology brands to social media giants like Meta. He’s produced a huge range of content, such as blog posts, social media content, and whitepapers or eBooks. 

“My proudest moment, excluding my Copy House progression, would have to be writing a 9000-word eBook for a billion-dollar insurance company. This eBook was a popular publication within the insurance space and has performed phenomenally. 


Looking back and knowing I was the person who wrote that is an exceptional feeling.”


James Kilgour, Senior Copywriter at Copy House.

Copywriting Training and Development 

Copy House encourages all employees to undergo training and development to help improve their personal skills and provide better content for clients. 


When James first started working at Copy House, he was working with one of Copy House’s biggest FinTech clients. As a new starter, he was responsible for creating short-form content such as social media posts and maximising engagement through social selling. 

Whilst producing content, Jess Persson, James’ mentor and a senior copywriter at Copy House, provided him with advice, tips and guidance on producing the most effective and

“From day one, James has shown an immense enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. He quickly progressed in his role, and I’ve proudly watched him take on more challenging projects. 


Now, he’s gone from Junior to Mid-level to Senior in only a few months! I’m so proud of his journey and can’t wait to see where it takes him next.”


Jess Person, Senior Copywriter at Copy House.


“Copywriting is more intricate than your average post. Jess helped me nail clients’ tone of voice and break out of the academic essay type writing style.” 


James Kilgour, Senior Copywriter at Copy House.

To help with copywriting training, James also took Kathryn’s Ultimate SEO Crash Course. This taught him the basics of SEO and how it can help boost brand awareness and generate organic traffic to a website. 


“To make good content great, you must focus on good writing practices and ways to engage your target audience. You also need to understand how to embed SEO best practices into your content so it can rank high on search engines and be seen by your target audience.”


James Kilgour, Senior Copywriter at Copy House.

As a senior copywriter, James has learnt from his experiences and now helps deliver some copywriting training to mid and junior copywriters. 


“James has become a master of his craft. He has delivered training sessions on data analytics and customer psychology. He’s also a brilliant co-worker, and team player and offers some outstanding advice and guidance.”


Ammarah Kabir, Content Marketing Assistant at Copy House.

Advice for Upcoming Creatives Within the Tech and FinTech Space

“I would say that you should fully embrace your creativity and don’t be afraid to be a bit different. Also, do some non-client or personal work in your spare time if you can, because most client work can’t be used in a portfolio and you’ll need something to share with potential employers – I learnt that the hard way!”


Hayley Brand, Content Strategist at Copy House.

Working With Copy House

Copy House is rapidly expanding and constantly looking for new talent and a fresh perspective.  We are proud of our company culture and how welcoming, inclusive and diverse it is. 


Do you think you’re the right fit for Copy House?


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