From Junior to Senior Copywriter, Jessica Persson’s Copy House Journey


Jess officially started her role as a junior copywriter for Copy House in the summer of 2020. Despite never having previous experience within the copywriting field, Jess found her place working with one of Copy House’s biggest clients. Not only did she fit into this role perfectly, but she also exceeded expectations by taking on managerial responsibilities and later becoming a senior copywriter with numerous junior copywriters under her wing. 

Her ambition and drive inspires all of us here at Copy House. So, we’ve decided to look back through her journey with us and ask her to share advice she may have for all aspiring writers and copywriters. 

Jess’ Journey at Copy House

How it started


Prior to starting at Copy House, Jess had never considered copywriting as a career and lacked knowledge on what it requires. As a former journalist, Jess has always been passionate about writing, but only considered a career in copywriting when she was introduced to Copy House.


Jess first applied for a copywriting gig at Copy House in February 2020, however, due to the fierce competition for the position, she was turned down. Despite this step-back, Jess persevered in her copywriting journey, as she took an interest in the role and was inspired by her interview with the owner and Managing Director of Copy House, Kathryn Strachan

“Working with Copy House was an exciting opportunity because it was a start-up. When I first met with Kathryn she was incredibly enthusiastic and her energy and excitement for the journey of Copy House was infectious. Before even having the chance to work at Copy House it radiated a positive energy and a place for growth. After my interview with Kathryn I was much more excited about exploring the copywriting field and moving away from journalism.”

Jessica Persson, Senior Copywriter at Copy House.

To help her gain a competitive edge and excel within the copywriting field, Jess took Kathryn’s 10-week SEO training course to help her improve her copywriting skills.

Although her writing was already phenomenal, she lacked the necessary skills such as the understanding of SEO best practices for delivering high-quality content. The course allowed her to understand what happens behind the scenes of every writing piece and built her skills as a copywriter. 

Jess performed exceptionally well on the course and Kathryn decided to bring her on as a freelance writer. She produced several pieces of content for Copy House before officially landing the junior copywriting position in July 2020. 

Choosing Whether to Sink or Swim

At first, Jess struggled to adapt to the fast-paced environment of Copy House but determined to succeed, Jess sunk her teeth in, asked for advice and pushed herself to deliver great results for our clients.

Her potential quickly became clear, as she was assigned to support one of Copy House’s biggest clients. Her role went from creating content for numerous brands to producing regular engaging content for one large brand.

The familiarity of the client’s needs worked well with Jess and she was able to tackle this one large, ongoing and very demanding project successfully. The ability to work so closely with the client helped her get a real understanding of the project’s requirements and what she needed to do to help them achieve that. 

“When I first started, I found it challenging. I got thrown into the deep end and it was a sink or swim scenario. But this built me. When I was first assigned to a major client, I really found myself and I was much more comfortable with the work I was producing.” 

Jessica Persson, Senior Copywriter at Copy House.

Transitioning from a Junior to Senior Copywriter

As Copy House rapidly expanded, so did the team. The project assigned to Jess demanded more bodies to deliver engaging and meaningful content. So new junior copywriters were assigned to work with Jess.

Despite Jess still being a junior copywriter herself, she took on the responsibility of a managerial position and helped guide the new employees in delivering  great content. 

Kathryn saw immediate potential in Jess and offered her the chance to train and become a senior copywriter. Although hesitant at first, Jess accepted this offer and worked tirelessly towards this goal.

Not only did she successfully transition into the senior position, but Jess is currently supporting the most junior copywriters in her department. 

It was not all plain sailing for Jess during this transition as her biggest challenge was to trust her own instincts and stop doubting herself. This came over time with the help of Kathryn and from Jess receiving excellent feedback for her work.


“Jess has been with Copy House for just over a year, and her growth within the company has been impressive to say the least. She was more than willing to learn and take on numerous responsibilities when we needed someone to step up and take charge.

Jess is an incredibly quick learner and will never make the same mistake twice. I’m exceptionally proud of how far she has come in her journey with Copy House, and I cannot wait to see her continue to grow and prosper.” 

Kathryn Strachan, Managing Director of Copy House.

“Working for Copy House has been a great learning experience. I learnt how to trust my own instincts and ask for help when needed.

The best thing about Copy House is how supportive and encouraging everyone is. Kathryn, in particular, has inspired me to always bring my best to the table and have faith in my own decisions.”


Jessica Persson, Senior Copywriter at Copy House.

Advice for Junior Copywriters

Coming into the world of copywriting can be daunting especially when you know little to nothing about it. It’s always good to do your own research into the industry and develop external skills which can push your writing further. These include SEO skills or digital marketing skills. 

Here’s some advice from Jess for all those looking to branch out into the field. 

“I think the biggest thing a junior copywriter should know is that it’s okay not to know everything. Ask as many questions as you can, make mistakes and learn from them and most importantly, never suffer in silence. As a junior copywriter, you’re not meant to know all the answers, and you’ll always be surrounded by people that will be happy to support you.” 

Working with Copy House

Copy House are constantly looking for new talent and to bring in a fresh perspective. We believe in our people, and invest in their journey. 

Do you think you’re the right fit for Copy House? Check out our current vacancies and our article on why you should work for Copy House.

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