How Can I Learn Copywriting?


Well, you’ve started reading this article, so you’re in the right place.

It can seem daunting to learn a new skill or even to improve upon the ones you already have.

We’ve made this simple guide so that you can confidently take the first step on your path to becoming a copywriting connoisseur.

What is Copywriting and Why is it Important?

You might have the best new product or deliver an amazing service, but no-one’s going to know unless you take the time to tell them. Organic, natural and consistent writing that uses SEO best practices is a great way to give your brand a healthy boost on Google and bring your audience to you.

Why Should You Want to Learn Copywriting?

  • Land your first copywriting gig. Perhaps you’re eager to improve your skills to produce even better online content for your brand, or maybe you just want some formal-but-fun training.
  • Improve your knowledge and experience. Mastering a skill can be good for future work opportunities, sure, but you could end up uncovering some new personal interests too.
  • Enhance your CV. Chances are you don’t want to be stuck in your current job forever. Adding new skills can show your new employer your eagerness and ability to learn.
  • Meet new people and network. Online and in-person courses give you the chance to meet like-minded people who are eager to increase their potential. Not only that, you might end up meeting your future employer, too.

The Value of Good Copywriting

Let’s imagine you’ve just got a nice new plant. You’ve bought a more-expensive-than-you-thought pot, found a sunny spot on your window sill and given it a splash of water. That’s all great, but the plant won’t survive if you just water it once and hope for the best. You have to take care of it – maybe even buy a watering can.

The plant is your brand, and the water is your copy. It breathes life into your brand and helps it grow. Creating good copy means creating consistent content that’s going to rank on Google. It captures your brand’s tone of voice, represents your unique selling point, and resonates with your target audience.

How Do You Learn Copywriting?

So you know you want to learn copywriting, but where do you start? A few google searches can lead to an onslaught of information — who knew there were so many different types? Sales, SEO, web content, technical, creative, PR — the list goes on.

Online you’ll find plenty of blogs, tutorials and podcasts, but — like an old CD trying to teach you to speak perfect French, or doing YouTube Yoga in your living room — teaching yourself means you don’t get live feedback or advice on how you’re doing.

We think the best way to learn is to get real-life, in-person feedback. Maybe you could even….talk to your instructor during their office hours? Our online copywriting course gives you recorded video sessions so you can learn in your own time and then put your skills into practice with homework or attend office hours to ask questions and speak face-to-face with your tutors.

Copy House’s SEO Training Course

We run a 10-week SEO copywriting training course to help students learn how to write clear and engaging copy. You’ll learn SEO best practices and how to fine-tune your content to rank on Google’s search results.

Through 10 weekly video modules, you’ll master everything from SEO basics to content creation and strategy. With the more extensive packages, you’ll get personalised feedback from Copy House MD and Semrush speaker Kathryn Strachan, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Learn with Copy House

Whether you’re looking to land that first copywriting job or catapult your brand to success, one thing is certain: you’re going to need to craft excellent copy.

That’s where we step in. We’re here to guide you in your quest to create engaging content that inspires audiences.

How can you learn copywriting? Register for one of our courses today, and you’ll finally have the answer.