How Copy House’s SEO Course and Mentorship Support Helped Winchester Creatives


During the pandemic, many businesses and individuals found themselves at a loss. Unemployment rates went through the roof and young creatives, in particular, struggled to find employment in an increasingly competitive environment. 

Richard Coope launched Winchester Creatives to support young creatives and help them upskill and find employment during this dark time. When Richard informed Kathryn Strahan, Managing Director of Copy House, about this initiative, she was more than happy to contribute her knowledge and services as well as Copy House’s. 

Upskilling Through Copy House’s SEO Course

Branching out into copywriting can be challenging especially when you’re new in the industry. Kathryn developed an SEO course to help push copywriters skills and allow them to produce content that can be seen. 

As Kathryn knew the struggle of branching out into copywriting, she offered her 10-week SEO course to those partaking in the Winchester Creatives initiative. Alongside this, she also offered free mentoring from Copy House to support the young creatives looking to enhance their copywriting and SEO skills. 

By having free access to this course and a helping hand from Copy House, participants could learn a new skill and dive into an industry they may have never considered before. 

Additionally, having this knowledge in their back pocket is a great way to help them stand out from the crowd and have a competitive advantage over others whilst having the necessary skills to enter the creative industry without having to start from scratch.

“It can be extremely challenging to branch out into copywriting, especially when not many institutes directly teach it. After completing my masters in English Language and Literature, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I tried my hand at journalism and publishing, but it wasn’t for me. I then went into copywriting with minimum support, so the least I can do is offer help when people need it most.” 

Kathryn Strachan, Managing Director and Owner of Copy House Ltd.

Creating Hope in a Time of Need

Kathryn has always been a big believer in adding good to the world and wanting to leave the world in a better place than how she found it. By teaming up with Winchester Creatives, she was able to do just that. 


Kathryn also believes in reciprocity and the domino effect caused by offering a helping hand. By providing support and hope to young creatives she hopes that one day they can do the same and create a chain reaction.


After all, the creative industry is a challenging sector to dive into, and everyone needs some form of help. Helping people behind you and bringing them a step forward doesn’t harm anyone. 


Winchester Creatives made it possible for Kathryn and Copy House to lend a helping hand and push creatives forward.


“We’ve been overwhelmed with the amazing kind support from Kathryn Strachan and her wonderful Copy House team. Not only have they provided incredible video-based online training content for our young mentees but they have supported our online events and shared their knowledge selflessly.

We are so grateful for their kindness and we’ve been inspired by their authentic desire to help others grow at the start of their career. Together we did some good for young unemployed people during the covid-19 pandemic.

Thank you Kathryn for helping us show a little kindness goes a long way.”


Richard Coope Co-Founder of Winchester Creatives.

Leaving the World in a Better Place

Copy House loves supporting causes we believe in and helping the creative and tech industry wherever we can. If you have a cause you believe would be suitable for Copy House to be involved in, get in touch by emailing