How To Grow Blog Traffic With Content Distribution

Did you know that over 4.4 million blog posts are published every day?

Blog posts and articles have a great deal to offer to your audience and can help you boost blog traffic at the same time.

Content distribution ensures that your new blog posts reach your audience. Without content distribution, your content will get lost in the sea of other blog posts published that same minute.

Join us as we explore what content distribution is, how to build a content distribution strategy and how to grow your blog readership by promoting your content the right way.

What Is Content Distribution?

Content distribution is the process of sharing, publishing and promoting your content through various channels and media formats.

Types of content distribution

There are three main kinds of media channels for distributing content:

  • Owned content distribution media. This refers to media channels that are owned by your company, like your website, blog, email, newsletters and social media (to an extent)
  • Shared/earned content distribution media is when your content is shared by your audience for free, through social media shares, PR, product reviews, guest posts etc.
  • Paid content distribution media. As the name suggests, these are the channels you pay for. Paid media channels include your Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Sponsored content, or paid social ads.

How to Build a Content Distribution Strategy

Did you know that 96% of bloggers use social media to drive traffic to their post? There’s a lot of competition out there, so you need to make sure your content distribution is effective.

A content distribution strategy allows you to publish and share your content when and where your target audience is most likely to see it.

Choose your channels wisely

When it comes to content distribution channels, quality is better than quantity. Take the time to analyse your research with your audience to determine where they spend their time online. Make sure that whatever content distribution channels you choose align with your audience’s preferences and behaviours.

Create a plan

Once you’ve decided which channels to focus on, it’s time to plan when and where to distribute your blog posts to ensure maximum ROI. Here are some questions to consider when planning your content distribution strategy:

  • What customer segment is most active/engaged on this channel?
  • What will this channel help you accomplish?
  • What topics will resonate with this community?
  • When and how often should you post on this channel?
  • Who in your team will be notified if questions arise or issues escalate?
  • What KPI (Key Performance Indicators) metrics will gauge content performance against your goals?

Promote your content

Follow your content distribution strategy to promote your blog posts on your chosen media channels. We recommend creating “stackable content” which consist of short 100-word blurbs that give the audience an idea of what they can expect from that particular blog article.

Create mailing lists to keep your audience up to date by sending them a link to your new blog article. Email lists are a powerful way to engage with your audience, let them know of company news, and make sure they never miss a new blog post.

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