How To Write Compelling FinTech Thought Leadership Articles


Did you know that a 2020 study conducted by LinkedIn and Edelman found that 52% of B2B buyers are reading one or more hours of thought leadership per week?

More than half the respondents in the study also reported using thought leadership content to vet suppliers.

Good thought leadership has the power to influence your audience and when done well can increase both brand awareness and authority.

But, what is thought leadership? Fundamentally, thought leadership is a form of content marketing that taps into your business’ unique and expert knowledge. It gives you an opportunity to leverage your market position by educating and informing both peers as well as potential customers.

Join us as we discuss our top tips for creating compelling thought leadership articles for the FinTech space.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Thought leadership should champion your team’s expertise so it helps to create content on areas you want to be known for. To build credibility in the FinTech industry, you want to find a niche and focus on areas where your business can show a track record of success.

Your organisation is likely to be full of brilliant minds, working hard to develop your offering and gain a competitive edge. All too often, this expertise is locked away behind closed doors as industry experts either struggle to find time or aren’t interested in creating content. Thought leadership based on expert-interviews gives you a chance to pull marketing across your business and showcase talent.

Tackle Current Issues

With thought leadership content, you want to provide insights on current issues and offer real value to your audience. Be sure to address contemporary FinTech problems/topics and suggest novel solutions to differentiate from your competition.

Effective thought leadership allows you to lend your voice to important conversations while also boosting brand awareness. Personalised authoritative content that’s specific to your brand allows you to become known in the space and draw attention to the aspects of your business you want to promote.

Do Your Research

While it might seem obvious, it’s essential to conduct thorough research into your topic before being interviewed for a thought-leadership article. Most likely, your topic has already been extensively covered by your competition so it’s important that you develop a unique view point. Read as much you can to help find a new take on the topic.

A solid understanding of your subject matter is vital, but including strong objective data to support your arguments will give your thought leadership the credibility it needs to get noticed. You may want to pull out stats/data from your product to offer a unique view point.

Engage Your Audience Through Storytelling

Last, but certainly not least, it’s important to create a compelling narrative. Storytelling sits firmly at the heart of any thought leadership content as you want to hook your audience at the start and keep them engaged throughout.

Your content may be educational, authoritative and insightful but a dry, jargon-filled article will never achieve the desired results. Working with a content marketing agency, like Copy House, can make it much easier to breathe life into your writing and set your content apart as both valuable and interesting.

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