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Need a business mentor? Get first-hand guidance from our award-winning Managing Director, Kathryn Strachan.

Alone we can go fast; together we can go far

Are you confused about how to tackle upcoming obstacles in the marketing world, or maybe in need of a little guidance on kickstarting your startup? This essential advice from award-winning entrepreneur and Managing Director, Kathryn Strachan, will help you get ahead.

Meet your instructor

Kathryn has taken the marketing industry by storm as founder of the fast-growing B2B content marketing agency, Copy House. In just two years, she turned her startup into an award-winning company, which now produces content for some of the biggest names in the technology and FinTech space — including Meta and Klarna.


Copy House is constantly bringing in new clients, developing the workforce and is also on its way to reaching £1mil, due to Kathryn’s ongoing hard work and dedication.


In the past year alone, Kathryn has also achieved the following accolades:

What Does Pay it Forward Mean?

The concept is simple. Has the person in front of you ever paid for your Starbucks order? If so, that counts as a Pay it Forward chain.


The phrase ‘Pay it Forward’ is an old saying that simply means giving repayment to another as opposed to the original beneficiary. It’s a great way to give back to the community and spread some humanity when the world needs it most.


Kathryn believes in giving back and making the world a kinder place. For that reason, she has become a B2B marketing mentor and she is sharing her expertise with upcoming entrepreneurs and marketers in free mentoring sessions.
Kathryn aims to be the source of guidance she wishes she had when she started her journey — after all, no one makes it to the top alone and everyone needs some assistance once in a while.

How Does Pay it Forward Work?

Every Thursday, Kathryn will be available for a 30-minute mentoring call with the selected registerees. Here you can discuss anything and everything, from obtaining advice on the next step of a start-up to breaking down any marketing problems and overcoming obstacles.

How Can You Benefit from the Pay it Forward Mentoring Scheme?

If you’re at a standstill and not sure what your next steps are, this is your opportunity to get ahead — whether you’re in the process of creating a startup or simply require specific business advice.


There is nothing Kathryn has not seen. She has been through the ups and downs of building a business from the ground up, transforming a one-woman project into a 30-employee agency that is continuing to grow.


Now, she is sharing her knowledge with you so you can avoid making the same mistakes she did and achieve great success in your new business.


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