Kathryn Strachan Shortlisted for the Unsung Hero Digital Technology Award


ScotlandIS, an organisation that is at the heart of Scotland’s digital economy, hosted the Digital Technology Awards 2021. The Digital Technology Awards came with numerous categories, one being the Unsung Hero Award. This award projects a ‘selfless’ individual who uses their time and knowledge to aid others. The award was targeted towards those who have done something truly special for their community, but their hard work and kindness goes unnoticed. 

Kathryn Strachan, Managing Director and Owner of Copy House, was shortlisted as one of 5 individuals for the award due to her endless support to her employees and the winder community.

Creating hope during a hopeless time

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses struggled and Copy House was no different. Not only did Kathryn put her best foot forward and repositioned the entire business, but she also did this whilst ensuring none of her employees were made redundant or put on the furlough scheme.

Through extensive market research, Kathryn decided to turn Copy House from a generalist agency to one specialising in technology and FinTech. Whilst doing this, she became a mentor, took part in numerous industry talks and networked with members in the tech and FinTech sector. 

That’s not all! During the pandemic, Kathryn teamed up with Winchester Creatives, a social enterprise whose primary goal is to support young creatives in finding employment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kathryn knew the struggle that came with finding a job in copywriting, especially after her own personal experiences. So, she offered them free access to her 10-week SEO course, allowing these young creatives to enhance their skills and move their careers forward.

Kathryn was also involved in other projects with Winchester Creatives, such as offering mentorship and guidance through Copy House to young people. Even now, Kathryn and Copy House continue to support Winchester Creatives by holding regular mentoring sessions and creative workshops with the team.

“COVID was a tough time for many. The great thing about enterprises like Winchester Creatives is that they provide hope for those who feel hopeless. I was fortunate enough to be in a position where I could help young creatives excel in their careers, so I did. It’s not easy for young people to find a role in the creative industry, especially when many places expect new graduates to have years of experience.

I remember when I was starting up, most employers wanted you to work for free or for a fraction of the pay. So I’ve done my best to offer my SEO course and mentoring skills to push young creatives further in their career and open up more doors for them especially during this difficult time”. 

Kathryn Strachan, Managing Director of Copy House

Happy Team, Happy Clients

Copy House

Kathryn was also shortlisted for the Unsung Hero Award due to her mantra ‘Happy Team, Happy Clients’ and her approach to achieving it. 

The pandemic was not only a challenge for businesses but it was also a challenge for individuals. Kathryn knew that her employees were carrying an extra burden, so she implemented the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

This gave all her team members one hour every month to confidently speak to a trained well-being professional on any matters that were worrying them or something which makes them feel good. This scheme did so well that after the pandemic Kathryn continued to offer the EAP to all employees. It was and still is a brilliant way to encourage excellent mental health within the workplace. 

Kathryn also introduced a work-from-anywhere policy. Not only was this great for the environment, but it was also brilliant for employees who have friends and family that lived further out. As a diverse employer who celebrates the fact that a majority of our employees are from different backgrounds, Kathryn wanted to make sure they kept connected to their roots.

By enabling her employees to work from anywhere, they were able to have a better work-life balance as they could visit their friends and family without jeopardising their holiday allowance. This policy also allows employees to work when and where they feel more creative. As long as deadlines are achieved, Kathryn puts trust in her employees to find a work schedule that fits them. 

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