Watch Your Back…links


Backlinks are crucial for building your website’s credibility and strengthening your SEO. Search engines like Google use backlinks to determine the quality of your content based on the quality of websites that link to yours. 

Search engines use two factors to judge your content when it comes to backlinks: popularity and credibility. Popularity is how many backlinks you have, and credibility checks that you’re receiving backlinks from reliable and popular websites. So, if you have a page with more backlinks than your competitors, it can rank higher on search engine results pages (or SERPs) and drive organic traffic.

To check whether or not you have a credible history of strong backlinks attached to your website, you can conduct a backlink audit. This is essentially an evaluation of all backlinks attached to your website. 

Semrush is currently offering a free Backlink Analytics tool, as a way to celebrate the launch of its revamped database. Although we are constantly using it at Copy House, you don’t need to take our word for it: the statistics speak for themselves. Check out the four reasons why you need to download Semrush’s free backlink tool. 

#1 Largest and Fastest Backlink Database

Semrush recently conducted research where they pitted their backlink tool against top competitors including Ahrefs, Moz and Majestic. They used 10,000 random domains to collect backlink data using the Semrush backlink tool and their competitor’s tools.

When they assessed the total number of backlinks and referring domains of each database, Semrush determined the size of each tool’s database. From the 10,000 random domains, Semrush reported 36 billion backlinks, whereas Moz discovered 28 billion, Ahrefs found 27 billion and Majestic fell behind with only 14 billion

This shows that Semrush has the most extensive database when it comes to searching for backlinks. You can read more of this study here and discover further details regarding the quantitative and qualitative data Semrush gathered. 

Semrush also has the fastest backlink database in comparison to their competitors. They audited their current system of storing links and have updated their user-facing database. Semrush’s team also upgraded both their hardware and the way they store data. By rebuilding this tool, they have decreased the time it takes for a website to receive a backlink and when a website can see that link reported on Semrush.

When putting Semrush’s backlink tool up against competitors, they found that it took Semrush only 19 minutes to show a new link after the target page was created. This is much faster in comparison with Ahrefs, who took over 100 minutes

To read more about the speed of Semrush’s backlink tool and how it compares to competitors, check out their research here

#2 Most Precise Backlink Audit Tool

Conducting a backlink audit is essential! It helps your site avoid Google penalties derived from toxic backlinks. 

With Semrush’s tool, you are able to do the following: 

  • Monitor your site’s backlinks 
  • Immediately analyse any toxic signals associated with any questionable links
  • Send personalised emails to website owners to address the issue
  • Keep a track record of any new or lost backlinks over time
  • Ensure your website is well portrayed with appropriate backlinks 

With this data, you’ll have the ability to create a ‘disavow’ file and disassociate yourself from any toxic backlinks. This will help build your website’s credibility and keep your search engine ranking high. 

#3 Live Updates at Your Fingertips 

Due to the speed of Semrush’s software, you can have full control at your fingertips. This is essential when you’re conducting your backlinks analytics report, or if you want to constantly monitor your website’s backlinks. 

The ‘Live Update’ feature allows you to report on the number of backlinks you’ve recently earnt in real-time. It’s such a quick and easy way to build your credibility and show your brand to your audience. 

#4 Get Ahead of Your Competitors with Link Building

Link building is the practice of generating hyperlinks that lead to your website. This is immensely important for building your SEO and pushing your site to rank high on search engines. A search engine such as Google will decide whether or not your website should be cited based on the credibility of these links. 

This makes the link building tool extremely important for getting ahead of your competitors and ranking higher than them on search engines. Using Semrush’s link building tool is advantageous because it makes it easy to run a competitive analysis on your SEO rivals and create an outreach campaign simultaneously. 

Semrush also allows you to monitor your campaign by providing a report that details the campaign’s progress over time. 

For further insights into the Link Building Tool, you can check out Semrush’s YouTube guide here

Best Backlink Site for SEO

Semrush has thoroughly observed their services and how they can fully optimise them for users. They have dedicated over 30,000 hours to it, added over 500 new servers, set up 14,000 TBs worth of storage building this brand new backlink analytics tool. 

To promote this hard work and success of their tool, Semrush has decided to offer the Backlink Analytics tool for free to users from now until 31st December 2021. This applies to those who are also accessing Semrush via the free Semrush account. 

You can check out the free backlink tools here