Why Copy House is the Right Fit for You

In just two years, Copy House Ltd, an award-winning content marketing agency, has grown exponentially! We have expanded our team from 7 to 16 members in the short space of 4 months. From this, we’ve employed more copywriters, project managers, marketing assistants and, in our new endeavour, a graphic designer. All to support our rapidly growing client base. 

We believe the success of Copy House stems from its core values and B-Corp approach taken to build and support a collaborative culture with our team, clients, partners and shareholders.

Investing in our Employees

Our people are what keeps our spark burning and fuels our success. The best way to keep that momentum going is by investing in our employees; their mental health, knowledge, and potential. Copy House has gone above and beyond to invest in its employees. We’ve incorporated numerous schemes to aid our employees wherever in the world they may be. 

Work-Life Balance

Working from an office doesn’t necessarily mean you’re working. We understand that everyone has a different body clock. From night owls to early morning birds. Why restrict our employees to certain hours when they can perform much better in their own time? This is why we judge performance based on output and not time. 

Our employees are scattered around the UK and have the ability to work from any country or city in the world. Not only does this mean we have a diverse group of employees, but our employees also have the freedom to work wherever they want and stay connected with their loved ones. This makes for an easy work-life balance, all whilst keeping their 36 day holiday intact. 

Having the freedom to work wherever drives our employees’ creativity and keeps them motivated. As long as our employees are meeting deadlines and producing exceptional work, a location is meaningless. 

“Deliver quality work before the deadline, and the rest is up to you.” 

Kathryn Strachan, Managing Director of Copy House Ltd.

Knowledge and Development

Investing in our employees is everything! What better way to expand the company than truly believing in the potential of each and every employee. We provide numerous training from SEO courses which can aid with content marketing to personal development through mentoring. The list for our further learning programmes is endless.

This has worked exceptionally well within Copy House. As Copy House is excessively growing, not only are we bringing in new team members, we are also promoting existing team members. Some of our team have been promoted in as little as 3 months and others a year. It’s all based on what their goals and ambitions are. Once Copy House is aware of it, we can help our employees work towards that. 

“The sky’s the limit for both Copy House and our employees. The more the business grows the better opportunities employees have for personal growth too. Many of our team members started in junior positions and within a year or two have moved into senior positions and are leading their own team of junior creatives.” 

Kathryn Strachan, Managing Director of Copy House Ltd.

It’s not about achieving your potential, it’s about exceeding it. With the correct help and guidance it’s possible to do just that. Self development through courses provided by Copy House is extremely beneficial to all stakeholders.

Copy House

Mental Health Support

During the COVID-19 pandemic everyone’s work-life balance was shaken. 26% of employees said that work had a negative impact on their mental health during the pandemic and 1 in 5 adults were diagnosed with depression in early 2021.

We wanted to take action and ensure our employees were not struggling or feeling isolated. So, Copy House launched an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) scheme. This scheme enabled each and every employee to sit down with a trained counsellor and discuss anything on their mind; whether it was work related, domestic or regarding the weather. This one hour each month is a good way for employees to deload any stress and open up without fear of judgement. These sessions are completely confidential and help our employees through the pandemic. For this reason, Copy House has decided to keep this service, even after the pandemic, to ensure all employees feel healthy both mentally and physically. This also allows them to come as their best selves to work and achieve great things, both personally and professionally. 

Creating a Positive Environment

“A great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.”

Mental health is just one of the ways we keep our team morale high. Copy House uses any and every excuse to bring the team together for events, social gatherings and celebrating milestones! 

We really believe that creating a positive environment and knowing your employees helps boost morale and makes for a better output. We encourage growth so when one of our employees wanted to learn how to drive, we came together and purchased driving lessons for him to help him achieve his goal. 

We are also ensuring that we can be better than before by constantly self evaluating our methods and encouraging employee feedback. Copy House uses OfficeVibe to collect anonymous data from employees which can help us improve the way we manage situations, what we can do better and how we can improve in the future. The constant development is what encourages our growth and produces great output for all stakeholders. 

Fast Growing Clients

Our clientele at Copy House is rapidly increasing. We’ve had a variety of clients within the tech and financial industry approach us regarding our content marketing services. Currently, catering our services to some of the most leading brands in the tech industry, including Klarna, Modulr and 365 Business Finance. Our team at Copy House ensures all clients have their needs met through taking a hyper-personalised approach when dealing with content marketing and working extremely close with them to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Copy House holds personalised workshops to discuss goals of the company, their message, brand identity, tone of voice and even customer avatars. By working closely with our clients Copy House can create a thorough content marketing plan which suits the unique needs of each and every client. 

Protecting our Planet

Copy House prioritises both its people and the planet. For this reason, we are going through the thorough process of registering Copy House as a B-Corp organisation. This ensures that we live up to our values that the planet, people and profit of the company are all top priorities.  

“If you’re making decisions, why not make ethical ones?”

Kathryn Strachan, Managing Director of Copy House Ltd at the LexLeyton, Hiring Tech Talent Webinar

Prior to COVID-19 we cut down on emissions by allowing our employees to come into the office twice or three times a week. However, since 2020 we’ve decided to ditch the office by allowing all of our employees to work from home and this has further cut down on emission. 

We also use paperless technology to communicate and produce all work. Platforms such as Google, Slack and Clickup keep us in constant communication with all stakeholders and enable us to work completely electronically. Further protecting our planet!

Copy House

Join our Award-Winning Content Marketing Agency

Copy House wants to champion a business culture that everyone can be proud of. From protecting our employees mental health to providing unlimited opportunities and room for growth, Copy House aims to achieve it all. We value both our planet and our people!

If you’re interested in joining our fast growing and dynamic team, check out our vacancies today!