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Welcome to Copy House, a content marketing agency with a passion for words and an appetite for progress. We work with technology brands to bring their vision to life and explain complex topics in a creative, engaging way.

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Over the years, we’ve built strong relationships with some amazing companies across the finance and technology sectors, including:

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Our Unique Approach to Content Marketing for Technology Companies

As ‘positive disruptors’ who thrive on making the world a better place, we’re not shy about breaking the mould and challenging the status quo. We go against the grain so we can create a world that’s more accessible and fair for all, and we want to help you do the same.

When you work in a technical field, the last thing you want is dry or dull copy that fails to grasp your innovative solutions. Our strong foundation in technology allows us to create specialist content, guaranteed to engage your target audience through accessible and purposeful copy.

Working with Copy House is a partnership, and we’ll be invested in your business every step of the way. When your business succeeds, we succeed too.

So, are you ready to find a totally comprehensive marketing solution that means you’ll work less and achieve sky-high results?

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A Winning Equation

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The Copy
House Way

Technology Content Marketing Specialisms

As technology content marketing specialists, we keep ourselves up-to-date about emerging technologies and create valuable content that is fun, engaging and understandable.

Marketing with Copy House is an intelligent business decision

Unlike generalist content marketing agencies, we won’t ever provide dull or rigid copy that falls flat. Our bold, innovative approach pushes the boundaries to make the world of technology interesting, exciting and understandable.


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Discover Our Content Marketing Services

Our content marketing services are designed to connect you with the right audience and align with your overarching business goals.


Content Marketing Consultancy & Strategy

Be prepared for the future with a brand and content strategy tailored to your company and the founders’ original vision.


Say ‘goodbye’ to uncertainty, and ‘hello’ to a content strategy that’s flexible, adaptable and works hard to leverage your position in an ever-changing marketplace.

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Website Content Creation & SEO Specialists

Showcase your brand in the best light with a custom website that speaks directly to your target audience and potential investors.


As experts in SEO, optimising content is second nature to us.

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Articles & Long-Form Content

Highlight your industry expertise with thought-leadership articles and long-form content like whitepapers and eBooks.


Our proven approach makes it easy to capture your expert advice and share unique insights with the world.

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Copywriting Training

Our acclaimed SEO & Copywriting Training course covers everything you need to know about creating digital content.


Make sure to watch out for our webinars that take place over the course of the year to learn more about content marketing, SEO and related topics.

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What Our Content Marketing Clients Had to Say
A far more tailored and thoughtful service than larger SEO agencies I have worked with. And quick delivery. I thoroughly recommend.
Joanna Brunt


We’ve been really impressed at how they created valuable content for our marketing campaigns, all with a really impressive turnaround time.
Kirsty Mitchell