Creating a Brand Book and Copy that Harmonises Account Technologies’ Brand Image and Website


How often have you entered a store because of the shop window? We know we have done this one too many times, and that’s fine. 

When it comes to the physical appearance of a store, customers are likely to walk into a shop and browse after judging it based on their first impressions – the shop window. 

However, when it comes to the online world, this first impression is your website’s landing page. Your brand is judged based on the first impression the home page gives your target audience. 

This can determine your brand’s credibility, whether customers decide to continue browsing the website, and, if done right, it can also generate leads when marketing technology or FinTech products and services. 

Account Technologies approached Copy House as they were struggling to nail that essential first impression. 

To summarise, Account Technologies delivers inclusive products which enable customers to take control of their data. They believe in the power of consumer data and its use to improve financial health. 

Unlike other ‘Big Tech’ players, Account Technologies don’t harvest, store and use consumer data only to benefit advertisers and corporations. They equip customers with tech that empowers them to use their data in ways that make a positive impact on their lives. 

With their unique approach to FinTech, Account Technologies wanted to show their target audience that they’re not another ordinary FinTech company. Instead, they genuinely care about their customers and make a real impact. 

Using a Brand Book to Harmonise Content

When it comes to creating engaging content that gets your audience hooked, there must be a balance between excellent copy and design. Ideally, the two should work simultaneously from the start to ensure one does not overpower the other. 

This is where a brand book plays a vital role. A brand book is a guide that helps capture a brand’s vision, mission, brand personality, values and core messaging. The guidelines are a tool designed to give clarity and consistency to a brand. 

With the help of a well-produced brand book, marketers can harmonise the tone of voice, understand who they’re speaking to, know what they want to communicate and tailor content to match how they want the intended audience to perceive the brand. This can be done through all means of marketing, whether it’s a case study, landing page or social post. The brand book guidelines create a fluid consistency between all marketing channels. 

During the workshop held by Copy House, Account Technologies expressed their vision and ethos. From the workshop, the Copy House team understood what Account Technologies wanted and what they wanted to avoid. 


“Working with Account Technologies was an enjoyable experience. They wanted to showcase to their audience how unique and edgy the brand is. Although they didn’t have the whole picture mapped out, they knew what they didn’t want and were very decisive when suggestions were thrown up into the air. 


From the brilliant insights they gave, our team were able to create an excellent brand book, landing page and case studies that captivated the brand’s personality.”


Stuart Cameron, Content Lead and Strategist at Copy House


Capturing the Brand’s Ethos and Transforming their Shop Window

Did you know that users often leave a website after 10-20 seconds if they are poorly designed and do not clearly communicate the brand’s proposition? 

As mentioned previously, your shop window is your landing page and the first impression you give your audience. Therefore, it must be well designed, well written and get straight to your brand’s core message. 

At first, Account Technologies did not have a working landing page. With guidance from the brand book, our copywriters produced the written content for this page. They captured the appropriate tone of voice that showcased the brand’s uniqueness and willingness to help. 

Compiling this page allowed Account Technologies to proudly present its brand to the world and make a lasting impression. 


“Account Technologies had two motivations. Firstly, they wanted to showcase their unique brand from a commercial perspective. They wanted their audience to know that they weren’t a gimmick, but they were a FinTech brand making a genuine difference. 

The second motivation was from a branding perspective. They wanted to portray the brand’s edginess and show their stakeholders that they are modern players in the FinTech space. 

Our writers captured this vision and presented it via the landing page in accordance to the brand book created.”

Stuart Cameron, Content Lead and Strategist at Copy House


Using Real Examples to Show Real Results 

Case studies are a vital part of any b2b content marketing strategy as they prove to your target audience that your brand is as good as it says it is. Often customers who are coming towards the end of the buying cycle and looking to purchase a service rely on case studies to make the final decision. 

When it came to Account Technologies’ website, Copy House also produced several case studies to help them showcase their capabilities. These case studies depict Account Technologies services and how they have helped others.  

Again, similarly to the landing page, the case study was designed and written with the brand book in mind. This way, there is consistency in the tone of voice, brand personality and presentation.

“Working from end to end with Account Technologies was an extremely productive experience. We really got to know them from our initial conversations and during our brand workshop, and they also learned a lot about us. 


This workshop laid the foundation for the project. The insights received allowed us to create a functional, clear and crisp brand book and landing page that resonates with Account Technologies’ target audience .”


Stuart Cameron, Content Lead and Strategist at Copy House.

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