Developing Customer Avatars to Help ByzGen Understand their Target Audience and Produce Seamless Content


Knowing and understanding who your target audience is, is a must in B2B content marketing. At Copy House, we encourage our clients and all other businesses to sit down and really understand their audience by creating a customer avatar. 

Only once you’ve done this tedious process can you market directly to them, as opposed to marketing general and bland content that doesn’t connect with anyone. After all, when you speak to everyone, you’ll reach no one

That was exactly the case for ByzGen. ByzGen is a Blockchain platform that streamlines data exchange by empowering decision-makers with a safe & secure process to share sensitive information.

They reached out to Copy House in order to create engaging and digestible copy that helps connect their target audience to their brand. 

Creating a Customer Avatar Suitable for ByzGen

During the Copy House core messaging workshop, the ByzGen team sat down with the content lead at Copy House, Stuart Cameron, and delved deep into who they are, and who their customers were. 

To create their ideal customer avatar, ByzGen needed to look at numerous factors their potential customers face. 

They needed to observe their customers’ pain points, what’s keeping them up at night and how to successfully communicate with their audience using the right tone of voice. They also needed to see how they can provide content that successfully tackles any challenges their customers face, while considering whether their customer is the direct line of contact or if there’s another decision-maker they must consider within their B2B content marketing strategy.  

This deep analysis of ByzGen’s proposition and customer avatar allowed the team to reflect on their brand and who they were really targeting. 

“The workshop was a very enlightening experience and allowed us as a team to dig deep into our brand and understand who we’re targeting. It was a healthy exercise that enabled us to see where any misalignments were and how we can correct them.”

Matthew Birks, the Chief Operating Officer at ByzGen.

Taking B2B Content One Step Further with Website Copy

At the beginning of the year, ByzGen went through a complete rebranding process and reached out to Copy House to create search engine optimised copy for their landing pages as well as some external content and case studies. 

After the Copy House team sat down with Byzgen and understood their business goals and target audience, they created a landing page that seamlessly tied the whole website together. 

One thing Byzgen was struggling to grasp was their tone of voice, and how to convey their message across different industries they target. 

However, with Copy House’s help and copywriting expertise in technology and FinTech, the Copy House team could easily understand and break down the complex tech and FinTech jargon, transforming it into digestible information that the non-tech-savvy customers can understand. 

“During our start-up phase, we never really put much thought into content or our website. It was more about working on our services and prioritising other aspects of the business. 


For that reason, our site was very wordy and created by numerous bodies who tackled the content in very different ways. 


As we began to grow, we found that we needed a more appropriate website that captured us. Not only did it need to be mature and professional, but it also had to be engaging and easy to understand. 


Copy House did a great job streamlining the content and capturing exactly what we wanted and who we were.”

Matthew Birks, the Chief Operating Officer at ByzGen.

Producing Insightful Case Studies to Generate Leads

Creating case studies is vital for any business. It allows a business to show its target audience what its brand can bring to the table. 

In Byzgen’s case, they wanted to publish case studies to highlight their success and show others how useful and advanced their technology is. They wanted to show the potential of their technology in an enterprise situation for different target markets and show that there are numerous ways to utilise their tech. 


The best way to highlight the multitude of functions their technology has was through real-life case studies. 


The copywriters at Copy House were able to deliver insightful case studies as they portrayed this great technology and did so in a way that was easy to understand for all. 


“Copy House produced some great content! However, my favourite piece would have to be Driving Transparency and Auditability to Improve MiFID II Compliance. Even six months on, this case study is still very relevant.”


Matthew Birks, the Chief Operating Officer at ByzGen.

Results That Speak as Loud as the Content

The immediate feedback ByzGen received regarding Copy House’s work was the significant improvement made to the fully optimised SEO landing page. It was easy to understand, navigate and sounded much more professional without all the confusing tech jargon.

Also, the case studies produced continue to support ByzGen’s credibility by clearly showcasing to their target audience the solutions their technology can offer to various real-life scenarios. 

“Working with Copy House was very enjoyable. We needed a starting point and a way to kick off our website professionally and seamlessly. Copy House delivered just that! 

Their approach to content and communication was also brilliant. If there were any misunderstandings on either end, the account manager at Copy House quickly put them to bed by directing everyone to the same page. 

One noteworthy interaction was sitting in a workshop and deeply reflecting on who we were as a company and what we wanted to achieve. It was a great exercise to help piece together our audience and use it for our rebrand. It’s now something our marketing team does quite frequently when working on the website or developing content.”

Matthew Birks, the Chief Operating Officer at ByzGen.

“Working on ByzGen’s website copy and case studies was a breeze. We had regular check-ins and project updates, filled in any knowledge gaps with interviews and had a clear website wireframe to work with. 

They were very open to diving deep into their brand and their customers. This made creating content for ByzGen seamless!” 

Stuart Cameron, Content Lead at Copy House.

Working with Copy House

Breaking down complex topics and producing engaging and digestible B2B technology and FinTech content is second nature for our team at Copy House. 

Our core branding messaging workshops, allows you and our team to explore the uniqueness of your brand, the potential of the technology and how to best connect with your target markets. So that the content we produce for your brand starts the right conversations with your audience.  

If you’re looking to take your FinTech marketing efforts further and need a B2B content marketing agency to produce brilliant content and design, fill out the form below and have a 30-minute free consultation with our team! 

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